won’t move even before he’s dead.”

If you work harder, maybe it won’t move!
Lu Bei rolled his eyes. If he hadn’t resisted on the way here and found that he couldn’t beat him, he would have punched Mo Buxiu hard in the face no matter what.
But forget it, the dead are the most important, if you don’t practice rounding, you are basically dead. He is a living person, and arguing with the dead is just asking for trouble.
“Disciple, although I cannot teach you how to practice, cultivating immortality is not just about practice. I have a sentence here that you should keep in mind.”
Mo Buxiu took out a wooden box from the Qiankun bag and put it in Lu Bei’s hand: “You must not have the intention of harming others, and you must have the intention of guarding against others. Keep this [Fetal Breathing Qi Replenishing Technique] well and don’t tell others, even you.” Senior sister, don’t say anything.”
What do you mean, senior sister is not a good person?
Lu Bei frowned, nodded without saying anything, and stuffed the book in the wooden box into his arms in front of Mo Buxiu.
“In this way, there will be no regrets for being a teacher, except”
As he said that, Mo Buxiu stared at Lu Bei without blinking: “Disciple, have you noticed that you haven’t called me master since you became a disciple?”
/Lu Bei shuddered when he was stared at with affectionate eyes. He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but he saw a lot of greasiness in his eyes.
For a moment, everyone felt bad.
Thinking about the process of being forced to become a disciple, I felt various reluctances in my heart. Then I thought about how little time Mo Bu needed to practice. It was very likely that he was having a comeback. If he delayed for a while, the other party would pass away with regrets.
It’s so pitiful.
Finally, facing the expectant eyes, Lu Bei took a deep breath and said solemnly:
“Okay! Okay! Okay”
Mo Buxiu clapped his hands, then lowered his head with a smile, and there was no more movement.
Lu Bei:
Learning from the past, he was not sure whether history would repeat itself, so he waited for a moment before reaching out to test Mo Buxiu’s breathing.
Unexpectedly, when the fingertips were still a palm’s width away from Mo Buxiu, the old Taoist body quickly turned into sand, and his whole body was scattered into white dust.
Lu Bei was stunned when a whirlwind rolled up from the wooden box next to him. He put the white ash into the box. In just a few breaths, he completed the whole process, and there was only a banquet left before the end.
“This is true”
Lu Bei choked on his words: “It’s convenient.”
He put away the Qiankun bag, picked up the wooden box and walked around the Taoist temple. After several searches, he finally found a wooden table for worship in the dilapidated main room.
The wall at the back looks pretty solid, and the roof doesn’t seem to collapse suddenly, but it’s just a bad time, as there are already residents under the table.
A den of foxes suddenly jumped out and howled for a while, trying to scare away