hould come to. I am enough for you.”

After saying that, the demonic hand volleyed into the broken space and threw the newly born demonic shadow into it.
“Go, go to the Kyushu Human World, and while there is still a chance to return when he is born, go find Lu Bei, crush his bones and ashes to destroy his soul, and cut off the shackles that imprison you and me!”
“I have used the name Lu Nan, and you are not allowed to use it again.”
/The broken space shrunk and became calm, and the scarlet eyes were closed tightly, as if nothing had happened.
In the world of Kyushu, in the mountains that are an unknown distance away from Langyu County, there are many dangerous peaks, and the sea of ??clouds bows its head, flowing like a white curtain.
A monk in white clothes sits cross-legged alone on a dangerous peak. He has an elegant and handsome face and lotus-red lines on his eyebrows. The golden sun peeks out of the sea of ??clouds, and its radiance comes towards you. It is like thousands of spiritual energy adding to it, and it has an indescribable holiness.
At this moment, a black shadow transformed from invisible to tangible, entering the monk’s body along his ears, eyes, mouth and nose, occupying the spiritual platform, and polluting the golden body.
“Hey, it’s actually an extraterrestrial demon?”
The monk closed his eyes and frowned: “I heard that the demon from outside the world came to the world in ancient times. It has become a legend. Is his sudden appearance now a warning that the world will be in chaos and evil will be born? Or is the poor monk’s state of mind too chaotic and provoked this demon? ”
After a moment, black mist surrounded the monk’s body. He exhaled and raised his hand to form the Demon Subduing Seal. The golden wheel appeared behind him, and the black mist swept away in an instant.
The remaining power continued, and the waves of the sea of ??clouds spread, rolling in all directions. The strange mountains hidden in the sea of ??clouds unfolded like a scroll, frightening away birds and beasts, and an extra line of freehand egrets appeared in the scroll.
“It doesn’t matter that a little demon dares to disturb the purity of the poor monk. The poor monk has been in a messy state of mind recently, and it’s just the right time for me to use your hands to practice.” The monk clasped his hands together and recited the scripture in a low voice.
Behind him, the demonic shadow reorganized as it continued to disintegrate, and plunged into his body again.
“Squeak, squeak, squeak!”
At the Yuhua Gate on Sanqing Peak, four little foxes were catching butterflies and birds in the backyard, occasionally jumping into a ball and playing around.
People are in high spirits during happy events. Lu Bei opened the door with a smile and said to Hu He next to him: “When I leave the mountain in the future, you must activate the formation, but don’t attack and hurt innocent passers-by. Do you understand?”
Hu He nodded and climbed up Lu Bei’s trouser legs and onto his shoulders. His smart blue eyes looked a