e completely “used up” in Chu Weiyang’s deduction of Tao and Dharma, Chu Weiyang has stood in the dark quiet room for a long time, quietly Watch the further changes in that huge mountain of meat.

The person standing here was originally a Taoist Taoist who was at the peak of the Nine Refining Alchemy of the Wu Jin Sect. Because Chu Weiyang discovered that half of his feet had already stepped into the realm of the Golden Alchemy, he was imprisoned for disrespecting the Taoist Xuanhe. Chu Weiyang won.
Even all the cultivators of the Witchcraft Sect thought that he was dead.
But in fact, with Chu Weiyang’s “help”, Daozi named Shang easily crossed the door to the Golden Core realm.
But when Chu Weiyang had the same experience, after moving from the elixir realm to the golden elixir realm, Chu Weiyang finally realized a little sadly that unless the method he created could truly be achieved from the elixir realm by himself, The realm of cultivation must reach the realm of golden elixir. Otherwise, the forced change of path and method in the middle of the process can make the elixir-born monk return to his true form, but it will ultimately be unable to prevent the dehumanization of the monks in the pure golden elixir realm.
Although for a long time, the blood flame spirit of King Gu was still pulling against each other with the collapse of the divine form.
But on a truly mysterious level, it is actually leaping into the realm of golden elixir. In the process of practicing according to the old Humong method, with the smelting of the golden elixir of Taoism and the eternal and unchangeable essence, The power penetrates the three elements of essence, energy and spirit, and condenses into the origin of the god. Even if the horns and scales have not yet been born, in fact, the essence of human life is already “inhuman” at this moment!
This means that the same retreat, for the monks in the elixir realm, is still the change and transfer of Taoism in terms of their condensed achievements.
However, the monks in the golden elixir realm, whose true life essence is never easy to change, are already “hopeless”.
However, in fact, when Chu Weiyang realized this, the Taoist relaxed.
This is not because Chu Weiyang saved most of the monks and abandoned a small number of monks.
But on the factual level of life, Chu Weiyang gave a way of life to all the monks who could still be called human beings, and indirectly sentenced all beings who were no longer human to death!
Chu Weiyang originally thought that this path actually had limits of expansion and deepening, but he never thought that it was the curtain of life and death that anchored its limits and boundaries.
/Finally, at a certain moment, the repeated pull reached its limit.
Visible to the naked eye, the blood flame spirit of King Gu collapsed into aura dust and completely disappeared into smoke.
In fact, this declared that Chu Weiyang’s attempt ended in failure.
He has tried his best, but the non-human beings created by the Hunmeng Method can never return to their origins.