he past and is still in a state of the living dead.

Treasures are not just words. Tonight, Wang Xuan had the clearest and most profound understanding of the rare treasures left over from the ancient extraordinary period.
A real treasure can change the situation of the war!
This is not the weapons he saw in the secret place. This is a real wonder unearthed from the ruins of an ancient religion. It has amazing power.
He didn’t panic because he still had confidence in himself, and all the wonders resonated and emerged.
The fairy mountains with mist, the volcanic magma fields where the red sun fell, and the blue lake expanded into a vast ocean and condensed into one with his spiritual realm, making him even more powerful!
The small dark red arrow flew towards his body surface. This time he could not avoid it, but Wang Xuan did not want to remain passive anymore. His mental power surged, and the wonders resonated with the real world.
/The small red arrow pierced into his spiritual realm, submerged into the magma field where the red sun fell, and was swallowed up by the wonder, bound there, and resisted.
What are these wonders? After Wang Xuan stepped into the extraordinary realm, he communicated with the mysterious spiritual world, captured a corner of the land, and made it manifest.
Normally, even if the myths are not corrupted in the era, no one can peek into the mysterious spiritual world layer by layer at this level.
The dark red arrow fell into the strange scene and became completely silent!
The room returned to darkness, there was no light, only Wang Xuan’s eyes were shining, and he felt confident.
The treasures from the ancient extraordinary period were indeed incredibly powerful, but the fact that he could reach this point and form a wonder was extraordinary enough.
All of this happens in the blink of an eye.
/From the time the man in black appeared with the lantern to the moment the arrow feathers dimmed, it was only a matter of seconds.
Wang Xuan noticed that on the street and in mid-air, densely packed micro detectors were flying towards here, trying to get close to here and enter the room.
A terrifying electric arc flew out, tearing through the darkness and illuminating the street where the street lights were extinguished. Those expensive detectors fell in pieces and were destroyed.
In an instant, the whole street was plunged into darkness again.
The man in black did not stop, holding the ancient lantern and walking at the same pace, still approaching the Health Palace.
His whole face was cold and stiff, as if he was wearing an expressionless mask. Under the dark red lamp flame, he looked a little cold and scary.
At this time, there was no one on the street, only the sound of his powerful footsteps.
“It’s a bit surprising. There is a transcendent level of thunder blooming there. Is Chen Yongjie resurrected, or is that Wang Xuan really a transcendent?”
In the distance, two people were staring here, using high-tech means to spy on the movements on the entire street.
“No matter who it i