have Chu Kuang. We have no chance compared to the short stories, but our Yanzhou’s long fairy tales are not bad!”

“If you have watched “The Adventures of Little Carp”, you will know how awesome Teacher Ahu is!”
“The Yan people will win!”
“Teacher Ahu is a sure winner.”
“Teacher Ahu has a record of eight wins and zero losses since he debuted in Yanzhou. Do you know what this means?”
“He is a natural fighting master!”
The Yan people started shouting.
The people of Qin were naturally unconvinced:
“Then why don’t you go see Qin’s “The Three Little Pigs”?”
“Chu Kuang slaps your short stories on your head, but can your long stories turn your world upside down?”
“Teacher Yuanyuan is the next old thief in the field of long-form fairy tales in Qinzhou, no, Chu Kuang!”
“Yan people like to be tough. If you still don’t accept it, then continue to fight!”
“Chu Kuang: Blue Star does not allow anyone crazier than me to exist!”
“Chu Kuang: Yuanyuan, you can beat them as you like, these people have been knocked unconscious by me.”
Yan’s popularity jumped.
These Qin people know how to make trouble with Chu Kuang!
Let’s compare it to a long fairy tale!
Chu Kuang writes short fairy tales!
Netizens in Qi and Chu were just watching the excitement, and they were very aware of the melon-eating masses.
Some Chu people can understand the Yan people’s mood.
Their music and comics were taken turns to be taken care of by Chu Kuang, two good friends.
Someone also summed it up:
/These three gay friends can be called inner saints and outer kings!
/The civil war is as fierce as a tiger!
Foreign war is like a phantom god!
For example, Xianyu.
After all, the locals were still singing normally, and the Chu people just released “Dream Wedding”!
Another example is shadow.
When he beat the locals, he just drew a few random strokes lazily, and even made some porn in the comics. However, when he beat the Chu people, he directly produced “Death Note” with unparalleled drawing skills!
Didn’t Chu Kuang do the same thing recently?
If you want to beat yourself up, just write “Snow White”.
The Yan people simply brought nine Snow White princesses, and “Once Upon a Time” directly suppressed everything!
At this time, the Silver Blue Library is in the Fairy Tale Department.
There is also a tense situation between Zhang Yang and Shui Zhurou.
Because Teacher Ahu was invited by Zhang Yang!
The outside world said that Ah Hu chose to release his new work in Yinlan Bookstore to provoke Teacher Yuanyuan, but in fact, Ah Hu was wronged.
This matter was brought about by Zhang Yang in order to compete for the position of Chief Editor of the Fairy Tale Department of Yinlan Bookstore.
Only by lifting Ah Hu can Zhang Yang compete with Shui Zhurou in a performance showdown.
However, Ahu was actually both unjust and unjust.
Because he does have the idea of ​​​​revenge on the Qin people on behalf of the Yanzhou fairy tale circle!
You, Chu Kuang, have broken the legs of my Yanzhou short story fairy tale circle. As a strong man from