ome with me to the fairyland. The little yellow croaker is in the land of ten thousand monsters in the human world and will not disturb your spiritual cultivation.” Lu Bei said casually.

Who is the little yellow croaker?
/Feng Buzzard had never heard of this name before, and he was really displeased. How could a witchy girl actually ask her precious daughter to stay away?
It makes no sense, her precious daughter is the Demon Queen, why can’t she take over the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons?
Feng Biao was so angry that he wanted to tear the little yellow croaker apart with his hands. Because of his golden words, he could not speak out to contradict him, so he had to suppress his anger.
Upon hearing that Lu Bei was not going to demolish the roof, but only planned to install a skylight, Huang Xiao was relieved. Wonderland was just a fairyland, and now she had nowhere to go, so this was all she could do.
However, where did the fairyland come from? The fairyland has not returned yet. Isn’t there only one heavenly palace?
Huang Xiao turned around and cast a puzzled look. Lu Bei smiled slightly and said solemnly: “Come on, there will be a fairyland soon.”
Huang Xiao nodded, that was all he could do.
In the Ksitigarbha Hall, the evil ghost Shura who exists in illusion seems to be real. The Eclipse Demon Buddha, who has transformed into Ksitigarbha, holds up the three thousand worlds with the green lotus treasure-colored flag and the ground-breaking flaming flag, making this red Lotus hell exists.
As time goes by, when the Western Paradise of Ultimate Bliss becomes a reality, this place will also be able to escape from the three thousand illusions.
/A group of people were waiting in the main hall. The corpse’s eyes flickered. He analyzed the reason why Ksitigarbha was in the underworld, tasted it a bit, and instantly had the idea of ??replacing it.
It’s too difficult for the leader to even play with her. It’s probably not easy to convince her to sleep with her.
What should we do?
The great opportunity is right in front of you, but not getting it makes you feel as uncomfortable as a corpse scratching your heart with a cat’s claws.
“Stinky girl, talk!”
Just don’t say it!
The relationship between sisters that has lasted for many years has faded away with just one click.
Lu Bei came in and saw that there were a lot of people. He was speechless for a moment. He asked Qianyuan to reduce the number of people and send all other goods to him. The result was good. There were about thirty people from Yingying Yanyan. I’m afraid it would not be possible to destroy the capital of his daughter’s country. Moved here.
Seeing that they were all perfect immortals in the underworld, he didn’t care.
Just this once, never happen again!
Shi Qi Ruan Nuo Nuo snorted. The sugar content was so high that Lu Bei’s heels were trembling a little.
He patted Huang Xiao on the shoulder and pushed her forward. The latter understood the situation and gave her a vicious look, which instantly silenced the corpse.
Can’t fight,