hril hair and pulled it forward. Sure enough, this hairpin was not simple. It reflected a very terrifying scene, showing that the road to return to the truth was being torn apart. In the picture, a small hairpin imitates the scene of natural disasters in the past.

In a trance, there were terrifying roars, the shouts of strong men from all walks of life on the road to return to the truth, and a large number of Taoist principles intertwined and suppressed them forward.
When several other people saw this scene, they also took action, feeling that if this kind of natural disaster was recreated and reappeared, they should be able to suppress this mysterious man.
In fact, no matter whether it is Xiao Jinren, Bai Li, or Huo, etc., whoever wants to find a big brother to suppress them naturally does not want to see the “king” win.
Not to mention Gou Sheng, who was almost pissed off by that person.
The five masters all came out to attack.
Wang Xuan demonstrated to them what it means to be fearless, calm, and have a terrifying sense of oppression. He remained unmoved, and the curtain was propped up, expanding outwards, and it was hard to shake the so-called wonder of the road to return to his true nature, which collapsed and was suppressed by natural disasters. , a direct big collision.
Even the Dao Yun that was recreated from the horrific disaster in the past was blocked, opened and exploded by Wang Xuan’s curtain.
In particular, next to him, the tree of vision of all dharma that has always manifested in the human world reappeared, shaking off its petals and breaking the 15-color wooden hairpin. The petals flew and took away two pieces of the wooden hairpin.
“This” serious coughing “blood” is a banned active metal liquid. He stumbled back and was seriously injured in the process of being stripped of his wooden hairpin.
“Ouch, woof!” The Dalmatian dog was angry. When he opened his mouth, he recreated the wonderful scene of returning to his true nature. The intense light in his body flew out from his mouth in a roar.
“You are all still dissatisfied. It seems that my methods are not drastic enough.” Wang Xuan said.
/In an instant, countless light rains fell around him, his big sleeves fluttered, and the sky came out of the dust, as if he was flying to immortality again.
Wang Xuan flicked his right sleeve, and with a roar, the true meaning of becoming an immortal in the realm of breaking through the land was fully revealed. This scene was quite magnificent, both terrifying and sacred.
Huo, Gou Sheng, Xiao Jinren, Bai Li, etc. all suffered heavy blows. This time, even “heavy” could not stop them. The so-called bodies, which were mixed and refined with various prohibited metals, were penetrated by the light rain and were becoming feathers. A few parts melted, steamed and streamed, and turned into fly ash.
The fire broke and spread on its own initiative, and the damage was not light.
“Ow, ow, ow!” The Dalmatian dog was horrified and horrified. The wonderful sight of returning to his true nature that he spat out explode