Gu Xi quickly entered the corridor, and then quickly looked at the piano room next door.
She was sure that the sound of the piano came from this piano room!
/She stretched out her hand to open the door, but she suddenly stopped.
Will the rash interruption make Dad Qu angry?
“Wait until the sound of the piano stops.” She stayed at the door today, saying that she would not leave even half a step away. Father Qu would never be able to grow wings and fly.
five minutes later.
The music inside has stopped temporarily, and now is the right time to go in.
Gu Xi knew that the opportunity had come. She took a deep breath, straightened her clothes and hair, made sure that there was nothing rude about herself, and then knocked on the door gently.
Don’t dare to knock too quickly.
She buttoned it three times very carefully.
Lin Yuan was surprised in the room. He didn’t know who would come to the piano room to find him, and even subconsciously worried about him.
Could it be that this piano also has an owner?
He said: “Please come in.”
The door was opened, and Lin Yuan frowned slightly when he saw the person knocking on the door.
Gu Xi?
Lin Yuan remembered this girl’s name. It was said that she was the best piano player in the school. The piano teacher also mentioned her during class.
However, Lin Yuan had a bad impression of this girl, because every time he met her, something unpleasant would happen.
Compared to Lin Yuan’s frown.
Gu Xi’s heart was filled with turmoil, so much so that her eyes suddenly widened and her mind went blank!
“What’s up?”
Lin Yuan waited for a few seconds, but the other party still didn’t speak, so he could only take the initiative to ask.
When Gu Xi opened her mouth, she realized that her throat was a little dry today. She was holding on to the last chance of luck:
“Did you write that piece of music?”
/Lin Yuan admitted that there was no psychological burden on this kind of thing, and he was sure that there was no similar song in the world.
It’s over!
Lin Yuan’s words made all Gu Xi’s luck disappear.
Seeing Lin Yuan’s undisguised frown, she wished she could give herself a slap.
He turned out to be the mysterious Qu Dad!
Gu Xi has fantasized about Qu’s father countless times, such as a low-key teacher or professor in school, or a passing Qu’s father outside.
But I never thought that the other party was a student like me!
What have I done before?
Is this called one suicide trick a day?
Gu Xi did not doubt the authenticity of Lin Yuan’s words, and she would not take it for granted that Lin Yuan could not write such an excellent piece of music just because he was similar in age to her.
Geniuses exist in this world.
If he is a genius in performance, then the music dad in front of him who is madly offended by him is an even more terrifying creative genius!
Moreover, looking back now, every time I went to find Dad Qu, I seemed to pass him by.
He didn’t notice it at the time, and even thought that the other party appeared in front of him on purpose to