show itself.

If it weren’t for the large-scale death of people, and if their deaths hadn’t caused the audience to feel distressed, even if they followed the original script to the finale, the effect would definitely not be as good as it is now.
Other entertainment companies in the industry have already arranged for their screenwriters to conduct in-depth study of Chu Kuang’s idea of ​​writing scripts.
“Learn from the old thief!”
After hearing this, the screenwriters couldn’t help but begin to doubt life.
No one really dared to do this before. How could all the good villains be killed in the whole show? But Chu Kuang has now pointed out a way for everyone. It turns out that the audience likes dead people so much!
Learn to waste, learn to waste!
It is impossible to say that there will be a large number of screenwriters imitating Chu Kuang in the future, but no one knows what the repercussions will be.
Anyway, Lin Yuan, the instigator, will definitely not play like this easily in the future.
And just when Lin Yuan thought that the impact of this drama would gradually fade away as time went by, the chairman suddenly sent Lin Yuan a video.
“What the hell?”
Lin Yuan opened it and looked a little embarrassed.
In the video.
A pretty little loli looked at the camera and cried out:
“Grandpa Zhang is dead, Sister Hua is dead, and Brother Ahao and the others. The people I like are all dead. They were all killed by Jiang Yuyan. Jiang Yuyan is a bad woman.”
There is also an unkind laugh in the camera, it is the mother of this little loli.
“If you don’t cry, don’t cry. Can mommy read you Chu Kuang’s “Once Upon a Time”?”
“not good!”
“Then “Shuke and Beta”?”
“don’t want!”
“And Alice in Wonderland!”
“I’ve heard it all!”
The little Loli cried harder, out of breath, and burst into tears:
/“Chu Kuang is a bad person, mom can’t like him!”
This mother immediately became a fan of Chu Kuang.
The video is only a few minutes long, but the content is quite interesting.
Below the video there are a bunch of comments from netizens:
“I was right when I was watching dramas!”
“Exactly the same!”
“I cried to death!”
“Baby, don’t cry, sister, give me a hug!”
“This baby is going to leave a psychological shadow.”
“Shadows of Childhood Series!”
“Hahahaha, the kid is so cute!”
“Little sister is right, Chu Kuang is a bad person!”
Maybe it’s because this little loli is so cute, or maybe it’s because the little girl’s cries aroused countless resonances, and the number of shares of this video was extremely high for a while!
Countless netizens are crazy:
“Old thief Chu Kuang comes out and gets beaten!”
/“Old thief, come and see, this is all your fault!”
“Your Emperor Yan has left a psychological shadow on this little girl!”
“This shadow of childhood cannot be removed.”
“I remember when I was watching a certain TV show when I was a kid, I was scared to tears by the villain in it. The old villain Chu Kuang came out to comfort the baby!”
“Oh my god, Kaname is so cute, you old thief has no conscience!”