ld kid tamed a tiger at sea?

The so-called fantasy drifting, fantasy is just fantasy. Is there all kinds of incredible things in this process?
In the Cannibal Island episode, why do you suddenly switch to a conversation between the writer and Pi?
There are no useless scenes in the movie!
If there are useless movie shots, it must be a sign of director incompetence!
An Xu knew Du An, the director of this film.
The other party is also a great director in Qizhou. Although he is not as good as himself, he is still very capable.
Such a director!
Match Xianyu’s script!
/Will give a shot that makes no sense?
“He is trying to remind the audience that this story is being told by Pai, so why does he use such a shot to remind the audience of this? The writer’s expression seems a bit subtle, he is doubting! There should be nothing wrong with understanding such a performance, it is obvious He suspects something is wrong with this island! But why would he suspect it?”
An Xu’s mind was spinning!
He got it!
Writer-skeptics are lying! ! ! !
When this idea popped into his mind, An Xu suddenly felt an inexplicable chill on his back, and his whole body shivered!
An Xu’s back was already wet with cold sweat!
Is Pi lying?
Why did he lie?
If Pi lied, which part specifically did he lie?
In this story, which parts are true and which parts are false?
Is Life of Life real?
/Did you understand it wrong?
Ren Anxu was racking his brains and couldn’t figure out why Pai lied. He just vaguely felt that there was a terrible truth behind this matter!
This made him very uneasy!
“What’s wrong?”
Jiang Zhu noticed that An Xu’s state was not right. The famous director in Qizhou seemed to be restless at the moment.
An Xu still didn’t answer.
He looked up at the giant screen.
He wants to know what the truth is!
What exactly is Xianyu trying to tell in this story?
He didn’t realize that his hands were shaking slightly.
In the giant screen.
After leaving the island, Pi finally came to another shore.
It’s not an island this time!
This is Zhaozhou from Blue Star!
He is saved!
When he stepped onto the shore, great fatigue made his body collapse.
In a trance.
He saw the tiger jump off the lifeboat, stretch out, and then walk towards the jungle.
Arriving at the edge of the jungle, the tiger stopped.
“I decided he was going to look back at me, his ears flopped back, growl, and end our relationship in some way.”
Pai said this, but the tiger did not look back.
This ferocious companion, the animal that kept Pi alive, disappeared from his life.
He was rescued by passers-by.
When he left, he burst into tears.
Not because he was rescued, but because the tiger left him so easily.
Tigers have no emotions.
Pi remembered his father’s childhood lessons, but he said he had to believe:
You should have more than just a reflection in the tiger’s eyes.
“Not even a proper goodbye.”
He didn’t say goodbye to his girlfriend properly, didn’t say goodbye to his family properly, and didn’t say goodbye