res, but if I win the bet, what I win will be the future of our star. You think Xianyu is facing an unprecedented temptation, but in fact the temptation before me is much greater, 10% Compared with his role, his shares are simply insignificant!”

“You lost the bet?”
“No one in this world can win all the time, but if you think that I am gambling on instinct, you are totally wrong. If you know what conditions those companies outside offer Xianyu”
/“What conditions?”
The voice behind him shook.
Li Songhua said calmly: “So far, there are more than twenty entertainment companies at the same level as Xingmang, and even bigger than our Xingmang, who want to poach Xianyu, and the conditions they offer are more attractive than the treatment we give Xianyu. , but he never left, these things are not difficult to hear with my ears.”
“Emotional bondage?”
“Why don’t you think this is a kind of emotional investment? When you have no reservations about someone, don’t you hope that the other person will treat you well? You can say that my behavior is purposeful, but my purpose will not hurt anyone.” Anyone, no matter whether I love or pamper him, as long as he is willing to stay in Starlight, I dare to give him the entire Starlight as a playground. He has a value that can make me give everything, let alone 10%. Shares, so what if I give you 20% or more, you only see me giving a few shares for free, but I see a future that Xingguang will never reach without him.”
“Your starting point is not pure.”
“I think my starting point is so pure. From now on, Xingmang will have a rule. As long as I can afford it, I will give whatever Xianyu wants from now on, because he is the only one who can give me what I want!”
“Do you still want to attack Zhongzhou?”
“I gave up, but he appeared and gave me hope. I have experienced so many storms over the years and met countless so-called geniuses. Only he gave me a different feeling, and he was the only one who could make me It feels like Zhongzhou is actually not indestructible. Think about it, how many people have been able to attract Zhongzhou’s attention over the years?”
“Zhongzhou pays close attention to him?”
“Zhongzhou has only paid attention to two people recently. One is Chu Kuang in the novel world, and the other is in our company. I didn’t expect that Chu Kuang’s name in Nanxian Yubei could spread to the entire Zhongzhou.”
A thud.
Li Songhua’s cell phone rang. He looked at it and the smile spread across his face: “From now on, the direction of Xianyu will be the direction of the entire starlight. I will be responsible for steering the ship.”
“Ten percent!”
In the manga studio, Kaneki’s voice was a little sharp because it was too high. He walked back and forth excitedly in the room, excitement filling his whole brain: “Or for free!?”
Lin Yuan nodded.
He is actually quite happy, but he is not a person who expresses his emotions. He only fluctuates violently in his heart, but when it falls on his face, he seems calm. Of course, this does not mean that Lin Yuan has a facial par