same thoughts as you. Teacher Xianyu is so good at singing, why does he always give us songs?”

Everyone remained silent, apparently because Sun Yaohuo had spoken to their minds.
This is why everyone behaved so abnormally today.
“But you are all wrong.”
Sun Yaohuo smiled and said: “Teacher Xianyu gave us songs because he values ​​our Yu Dynasty very seriously. He is expecting us to gradually become stronger through these songs. He wants to make everyone live a better life.”
Everyone’s eyes changed slightly.
Sun Yaohuo gradually raised his voice: “The best way we can repay Teacher Xianyu is to accept these songs and seize the opportunities given by our juniors. One day we will be strong enough to protect our juniors. Have you seen “Holy Light” Warrior”?”
“I’ve heard that it seems that a few ordinary people were chosen by God to become warriors of the Holy Light to protect the Son of God.”
“The Son of God provides combat energy to the Warriors of Light.”
“I remember the Son of God was so handsome!”
“There seem to be a few girls among the Holy Light Warriors. They are very beautiful.”
Everyone spoke.
Sun Yaohuo snapped his fingers: “So do you understand? The Son of God will not take action easily, and we are the Holy Light Warriors chosen by God. We need to protect our students and our teacher Xianyu, and we fight The energy is originally provided by the Son of God. Just like those songs, the important thing is not that we accepted the gift from Teacher Xianyu. In fact, the most important thing is what kind of reward we need to pay in the future after receiving these benefits from Teacher Xianyu. ”
The elevator has arrived.
Everyone dispersed with a few disgusting comments:
“Second grade two.”
“It’s embarrassing.”
“The cartoon I watched when I was seven.”
Sun Yaohuo rolled his eyes.
These guys still don’t have enough ideological awareness!
What Sun Yaohuo didn’t know was.
When several other singers walked out of the company door, the corners of their mouths invariably outlined an upward curve.
Everything in the world is for profit.
All the hustle and bustle in the world is for the benefit.
Except for Xia Fan, the singers of the Yu Dynasty may have various purposes for joining Xianyu in the first place.
But unconsciously, everyone’s ideas gradually changed.
Perhaps, not unconsciously.
All changes are traceable.
And in the office.
/Lin Yuan suddenly picked up his cell phone and made a call:
“There’s a piano piece you want to try?”
The phone contact person is Gu Xi.
“I want!”
The voice on the other end of the phone suddenly became urgent.
“Concert opening act in a while”
Gu Xi’s voice answered the man decisively, and then she whispered softly to Lin Yuan, with a huge contrast in tone:
“Teacher Xianyu, where shall we meet?”
“You can take care of yourself first if you have something to do.”
“I have absolutely nothing to do”
Gu Xi pressed the phone receiver.
“Meeting with master piano composer Mr. Niu at 4 p.m.”
“Cancel, cancel, can