ing weirder and weirder. I wonder if his memory awakening is good. It’s bad.”

Xu Ying was walking on the ruins of Shi Mansion, looking around, and suddenly grabbed an injured Nuo master from the Shi family and said, “Where is Shi Jingtang?”
The Nuo master said: “The young master has escaped and is missing.”
/Xu Ying left him behind and looked around, but could not find Shi Jingtang’s whereabouts.
Shi Jingtang was responsible for collecting ghosts and practicing magic skills for Shi Mo Le. Those Nuo masters outside the city who were fishing for side gates were under his command. Shi Jingtang contributed a lot to Shi Mo Le’s ability to open the Yongquan Secret Treasure to reach the level he is today.
“If he escapes, he will also practice Shi Mole’s magic skills in the future, and I don’t know how many people will be harmed!” Xu Ying walked out of Shi Mansion and frowned.
An Qi said: “Ah Ying, don’t worry. The ancestor of the Shi family is dead, and the big family of the Shi family has also fallen. The major families are like vultures that eat carrion. If they smell the smell of corpses, they will definitely swarm up and even gnaw the bones clean!” If this Shi Jingtang doesn’t leave, he will definitely be eaten up by all the major families!”
Da Zhong said: “Master Qi is right. The fate of the Zhou family is first, and the fate of the Shi family can be imagined! You don’t need to worry about Shi Jingtang escaping.”
/Outside the city of God, the old man in white saw Shi Jingtang escaping from the city in a distance. He was relieved, picked up a chess piece, and whispered: “Now the dynasty of God has shown signs of decline, the imperial power is on the verge of collapse, and the generals are attacking Ziwei. This Shi Jingtang is one of the generals who invaded Ziwei in the sky, and he has the potential to become an emperor in the future!”
He showed a smile, played with the chess pieces and said: “It is inevitable to defy God’s will. Shi Jingtang should have suffered this disaster. However, after this disaster, he will escape to the outside of the Great Wall, where fortune will turn around. From now on, he will rule China and achieve great hegemony.”
Just as he said this, he suddenly saw a bright sword light rising into the sky in the city of Shendu, paused in mid-air, then suddenly turned around and shot out of the city!
The direction of that sword light was clearly the direction in which Shi Jingtang escaped!
The old man in white was stunned, and the chess piece in his hand exploded with a bang.
At the same time, the sword light traveled quickly, fell from the sky, and stabbed Shi Jingtang who was running away!
Where the sword light fell, the terrifying sword power exploded, and countless sword energy shot out in all directions, destroying the mountains and forests within an area of ????acres!
The old man in white raised his trembling palm to smooth the white beard on his chin, but accidentally pulled off a few white beards.
“Auspicious people have their own heavenly appearance, and auspicious peo