The old monk himself was also unsteady, and his nearly decayed form began to become a little blurry.
At this time, Wang Xuan was surprised to notice the details that he had ignored before from his unstable state. When the old monk dimmed and was about to disappear, it seemed that there was a thick curtain covering his decaying body.
Then, Wang Xuan woke up, because his subconscious was violently active, and he got up from his deep sleep.
“It’s weird. The old monk seemed to come out of the darkness and appeared far away. He tried his best to achieve this step. However, the female alchemist always stood in front of me. I didn’t notice that what was supposed to be details, maybe they are actually in some faraway place, so it seems that the female alchemist is extremely powerful, far more powerful than the old monk.”
After some meditation, Wang Xuan fell asleep again. That night he made up his mind to “have a good chat” with the old monk, not to panic when things happened, and to communicate slowly.
The old monk reappeared, still walking from the darkness, his figure blurry. In his demonstration, he seemed to step out of the stone wall and break the iron chains binding his body.
Although Wang Xuan’s subconscious did not wake up, it was shaking violently again. Could it be that the old monk was trapped in the stone wall and was released by him absorbing the mysterious factor at night?
Then, another Wang Xuan appeared. It was the scene that he had envisioned earlier. He was still holding a big stick and said: “Since you have something to ask for from others, why not show sincerity? Ordinary people ask Buddha to offer incense, but what should Buddha do to ordinary people? In the early years, there was The female alchemist came into my dream and taught me how to rank among the immortals.”
Although Wang Xuan didn’t dare to talk nonsense like this, she was a three thousand female senior in the Immortal Class, but she was inspired to give some advice to the old monk and ask for benefits.
At this time, Xiao Wang was really fearless and was ready to ask for a bribe from Buddha!
The old monk was in a daze, and then silently demonstrated a boxing technique. Did it really bring benefits? !
Wang Xuan’s subconscious mind could naturally see it and quickly remembered it. Is this like the Great Vajra Fist? Moreover, there are only so many moves to do over and over again.
/The old monk was very attentive. He demonstrated clearly how to exert force and how to vibrate various parts of the body, including the five internal organs.
The Great Vajra Fist is indeed a secret skill. When he was in Dahei Mountain, Sun Chengkun, a man in black, once used it. Even Wang Xuan couldn’t handle the golden body technique. His fingers were almost broken and his nails were opened by the terrifying force.
The old monk’s performance was incomplete. He was trying hard to stretch his body, but was unable to do so. He could only demonstrate it to this point. When he swung the subsequent punches, he himself began to disintegrate.
Wang Xuan woke