n is not enough.”

“who is he?”
Gu Dong glanced at everyone: “Don’t you have mobile phones? Check it out yourself. I’m envious of fish. I’m envious of sashimi fish!”
“I think you’ve heard of it?”
Someone spoke suspiciously.
Everyone took out their mobile phones to search.
Because the distance is too far and the regional culture is also different, the news everyone found is relatively general, but this is enough to surprise many people:
“Golden songwriter?”
“Nonsense, otherwise you can come to us as a representative.”
“But it seems that he was sent to our branch just after he became a gold medalist. Why doesn’t the headquarters send someone experienced?”
“Maybe he’s quite capable?”
“Wait, he’s the creator of “Big Fish”?”
“This song is also very popular in Qizhou. It is the impression song of the movie “Dance of Fish and Dragon”. Does the head office think that he has had a successful experience with us?”
This group of people had a great time discussing it.
Gu Dong went up to the third floor.
Entering the general manager’s office, she shouted: “Dad”
Gu Qiangyun said dissatisfied: “How many times have I told you to call me manager in the company?”
“Manager dad?”
“Why does it sound awkward to me?”
“Manager Gu!”
“Well, what should I say?”
Gu Qiangyun stood up nervously: “Representative Lin, are you satisfied with the house?”
“I’m quite satisfied with the house.”
Gu Qiangyun said: “The company’s performance is not good. Asking an aunt will not increase the expenditure. You and the employees can just clean it. I, the manager, clean the office myself, and I didn’t ask you to clean the bathroom.”
Gu Dong:
Gu Qiangyun’s face was wrinkled, and then he ignited a glimmer of hope: “But after Representative Lin comes, he should be able to help us relieve some pressure.”
/“You have a good idea.”
/Gu Dong remembered what happened before: “I showed him the order, thinking that he wanted the order because he was enthusiastic about work, but he asked for a place to live without even looking at it. He probably forgot about the order at this time. ”
“It doesn’t matter if he can’t remember it now. We’ll just remind him another day.”
Gu Qiangyun now really regards Lin Yuan as a life-saving straw: “And didn’t you ask your friends? They said that he is quite famous in Qinzhou, and he is also a gold medal composer after all.”
“Manager Gu.”
Gu Dong sighed: “But he is still a student after all, and he is a new gold medal composer. He is not the experienced veteran master you expected. Do you think he came here because of our branch?”
Gu Qiangyun was restless: “What do you mean?”
Gu Dong shrugged as if he was resigned to his fate: “As a student, it’s good if he can come to class two days a week. Exchange students are already busy with their studies, so I now suspect that he did not come to work in our branch, but simply as an exchange student.” Identity: I came to Qizhou to go to school.”
“This should be.”
Gu Qiangyun recalled his previous phone call with Lao Zhou, combined with the situation at hand, and