a technology researcher and a book fan, I very much hope that Chu Kuang can continue writing about artificial intelligence. “

Artificial intelligence researchers also basically agree!
All these make the three laws of robots more and more popular.
Some science fiction writers have also expressed their opinions that they will quote the three laws of robots when writing novels with robot themes in the future.
All this shows:
The Three Laws of Robotics will shine in the field of science fiction!
Looking at the reactions from all walks of life, netizens are increasingly recognizing the three laws of robots. Even if we don’t talk about science fiction writers, at least the words of scientific research and technology experts are still very convincing.
This afternoon.
There are still countless people on the Internet discussing it with gusto:
“Chu Kuang is so awesome!”
“Even technical experts in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics agree on the three laws!”
“The main reason is that the logic is so perfect!”
“Many experts are explaining that if a robot witnesses human casualties and is unable to help, it is likely to self-destruct on the spot, just like your computer has a blue screen because the system crashes.”
“But it seems that some people don’t agree.”
“Fan Chong lost Wen Dou, didn’t he say that he would continue to look for loopholes?”
“There are loopholes to begin with, but they are not critical loopholes. They are controllable variables. This is clearly stated in this novel.”
“New news about Chu Kuang!”
Halfway through the discussion, some netizens suddenly exclaimed!
Chu Kuang’s new news has once again attracted countless attention!
The Galactic Empire robot series is officially released!
This time it’s still blogging first!
Fan Chong is watching “I, Robot”.
After losing the literary battle, Fan Chong had read the novel over and over again, just to find loopholes that could be cracked.
to be honest.
Fan Chong has found several loopholes.
However, these vulnerabilities are not fatal.
/Non-fatal vulnerabilities are of little significance.
This made Fan Chong particularly irritated: “Isn’t there a fundamental problem?”
at this time.
Fan Chong’s phone rang suddenly.
“Old Fan!”
“what’s up?”
“Chu Kuang has released a new book!”
“new book?”
Fan Chong couldn’t help but be stunned, and then his eyes suddenly became intense: “Are you still writing about robots?”
“Look at the notifications or the robot series.”
Fan Chong cheered up!
Chu Kuang is still writing the robot series. The more he writes, the more loopholes he will find. This time he will definitely be able to find more loopholes and clues and completely subvert his rules!
Think so.
After hanging up the phone, Fan Chong quickly opened his blog and clicked on Chu Kuang’s latest robot series!
Just an hour later.
Fan Chong fell into a trance while speaking to the computer.
“Robots must protect the overall interests of mankind from harm. The other