ves in the field of the subject matter, sometimes even affecting countless writers of the same type and even the entire industry!

For a while.
Everyone was waiting for Chu Kuang to reveal some more news.
But to everyone’s regret, everyone waited under Chu Kuang’s blog account for a long time and there was no movement, so they could only disperse with regret.
/The readers who were still bragging and spanking in the comment section were happy.
“Where’s the old thief?”
“Why is there no sound?”
“Maybe he went to write science fiction novels (funny)”
“That’s it?”
“Are you scared?”
“I thought he was very capable.”
“You dare to let us decide on a theme next time?”
“Old thief: Why don’t these readers act according to common sense?”
“We won’t mention the subjects this old thief has written about!”
Readers thought Chu Kuang was scared, and immediately cheered in victory in the comment area.
no way.
Chu Kuang had slapped him in the face so many times in the past that it was rare for anyone to rebel against him.
Although it is just entertainment, it also provides everyone with countless jokes.
The comment section is full of joy.
Of course Lin Yuan has no time to post a blog.
At the moment, he is writing furiously in front of the computer.
The crackling sound of the keyboard was heard in the room.
on the computer screen.
Simple words kept pouring out like spring water: The market was the busiest in the morning. I watched Xia Qunfang walking through the crowded crowd. Her back was so bloated that I couldn’t see her clearly from a distance of two or three meters. She bought some vegetables, but she could hear the bargaining with the vendors very clearly.
Terrifying coding speed!
Even if the eagle sees it, he will call him an expert!
Revenge does not last overnight, Lin Yuan plans to finish writing the novel and upload it today.
Anyway, “The Heartbreaker” has twelve chapters in total.
As for the number of words in each chapter, in the words of shady netizens, it is “short and weak.”
The full text is just over 20,000 words.
However, the number of words does not indicate the quality of the content.
After reading this, Da Liu sighed with emotion:
We have good work, but we have no influence.
At that time, domestic science fiction was in decline, and it was not until the emergence of the Three-Body Problem that the world took our science fiction seriously.
This is He Xi’s “The Heartbreaker”.
He Xi is a legendary and controversial science fiction writer.
He stopped writing for two years, and then started writing again amid repeated calls from readers.
Each of He Xi’s works will attract great controversy and praise once it is released:
Some people say that He Xi’s works are totems in the science fiction world;
Some people say that some of He Xi’s works are always too soft-hearted and have too little science fiction elements.
However, no matter what, He Xi, Da Liu and Wang Jinkang still became the troika in my country’s science fiction world!
At the same time, He Xi has also beco