cations, and now she is a die-hard black fan. During the prize-winning competition in the Holy Land Arena, Zhu Xiushi bet all his fortune on Lu Bei, and she also took the opportunity to make a fortune.

Summing up the lessons learned from the previous losses, if you resist, you will be beaten first and then captured. If you don’t resist, you will be captured directly. If you don’t resist, you will be captured directly. If you resist, you will simply surrender without resisting.
Lord Xinli is not worried about what will happen if he falls into the hands of Lu Bei. In the past few times, Xiongchu went to Wuzhou to redeem people, so it is estimated that this time it will be similar.
I’m just curious about what Lu Bei wanted to do after spending so much time transforming into a demon clan to hide from the eyes of others.
Lu Bei raised his hand to clasp Xinli Jun’s neck and looked into each other’s eyes. Seeing his calm face and the arrogant words “What can you do to me” written in his eyes, he felt unhappy and suddenly exploded his aura.
The demonic energy was violent, making the surrounding space buzz and tremble.
The Little Demon Realm is not a human holy land, and the space is not that stable. Soon, cracks spread in all directions, and large areas of the space collapsed and shattered.
Under the pressure of the aura, Mr. Xinli turned pale and tried his best to control his aura, not daring to take a step beyond the thunder pool.
“You haven’t survived the tribulation yet, right?”
Lu Bei raised the corner of his mouth and said sullenly: “I’m not boasting. In terms of life, the best evaluation I have ever received is that my conscience is still intact.”
Mr. Xinli’s eyes suddenly shrank, and an ominous premonition arose.
Lu Bei’s five fingers tightened, and the fingertips clasping the slender neck turned into sharp claws. The sharp points cut through the arteries in the neck, and gurgling bright red overflowed.
He lowered his head and leaned on it, swallowing the blood like a pump and sending it into the portable space, trying to resonate with the three sacred artifacts of Xiongchu.
/Half successful, not completely successful.
The two magic weapons, Zixiao Pagoda and Xuanzhu Bow, were bathed in the blood of the Gu family and immediately released the seal. However, the Immortal Seal did not follow this trick and turned a blind eye to the blood of the Gu family.
/Lu Bei analyzed the information obtained from Ji Han and found that the Zixiao Pagoda and Xuanzhu Bow were the magic weapons of Gu Tianyin, the founding emperor of Xiong Chu, and the Immortal Seal was obtained by him in the Immortal Mountains of the East China Sea. This situation is reasonable.
Mr. Xinli’s face turned pale and he was weak and panting.
Although she has not survived a thunder tribulation, her realm has broken through the bottleneck of the Dzogchen Perfection in the integration stage. Her physical body heals quickly, and she is trapped in the dilemma of producing blood and bleeding at the same time.
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