ask the leader of Tianjian Sect to take the blame.

Jing Muyan was amazed when he heard this. He got the important information and was ready to report it to Suzaku immediately.
Xuanwu was very powerful, and he had strong men like Doumu Xie under his command. He was just a ghost golden sheep, and he would die if he died. There was no need to fight with Xuanwu over him.
As for whether Suzaku listened or not, Jing Muyan had no control over it. He had already completed his mission.
“Master is blessed with a unique opportunity. I am envious of you. I had selfish motives in helping you before, so I ask you to help me.”
Gu Zongchen nodded in agreement, Jing Muyan stopped talking nonsense, stepped forward and broke a branch, nodded and turned around to leave.
A string of question marks floated across Xing Li’s forehead. Jing Muyan, Doumu Xie, Twenty-eight Stars, Xuanwu and Suzaku Lu Dong were actually the same gravekeepers as his Taishi Ancestor Furnace.
How can you say that we, brothers, are also demons from outside the territory, and our status is so lofty that you actually secretly work as dogs for others outside?
Xing Li glared at him, there was nothing wrong with being treated like a dog. What grandfather didn’t come from the grandchildren’s generation? It was just a dog. There was no shame in it. He would take over all the work.
He was angry that Lu Dong quietly became a tombkeeper and came into contact with the top secrets in the world. However, he had accomplished nothing. He had just gotten rid of the shackles of the mountain gate and was still some time away from being top.
Today, Lu Dong must explain clearly which unlucky guy he took away when he was reincarnated!
Seeing Lu Xi coming angrily, Gu Zongchen waved his sleeves and swept away the bodhi tree. He didn’t want to communicate too much with him, and voluntarily gave up his body to Lu Dong.
Buddha and demon exchanged, and the aura changed drastically again.
Xing Li stopped on the spot and frowned: “Lu Dong, what’s going on with you? What kind of Buddhist techniques have you practiced? Did you create an incarnation of Buddhist wisdom?”
/I didn’t win the fight when I was trying to seize the body, so I worked as a furnace for a while, and now we’ve become good buddies.
Lu Dong gave the correct answer in his mind, without telling the dark history, and sneered: “I thought you were a waste. I didn’t expect you to have some eyesight. Now I won’t hide it from you. I am also a Buddha, and I am also a demon. I am also a devil. I followed the path of Buddhist cultivation to be wary of Lu Nan, who will surely control me if I am a demon cultivator.”
“It’s not like this. I have followed the path of Taoist cultivators. Lu Nan can’t even bully me.”
It makes sense, Lu Nan doesn’t even need to open the door to bully you.
Lu Dong was disdainful and hoped for a good show, so he did not expose it at the moment. The two of them searched for it and confirmed that there was no opportunity missing, and walked quickly towards the direction o