ei Renwu in a hurry, and let me pass it back to you.”

Yang Xi laughed and said: “Is it the ‘Emperor of Heaven’ who wants me to go back, or you, the ‘Canary’, who wants me to go back? Don’t think that I don’t know about your affair with that Wei Renwu. It’s obviously your elbow that is turned outward. You He also pretended to be the ‘Emperor of Heaven’, but I will tell you today that Wei Renwu killed two of my men, and I must play him to death before venting the hatred in my heart.”
Zhang Xiaoyan burst out laughing and said with a smile: “No, I’m not blind. I can clearly see that your ‘white paper fan’ was clearly shot to death by yourself. Wei Renwu could have been forced to death at most. A Li Xuanran.”
Yang Xi said: “It was because of Wei Renwu that I beat him to death. This debt must also be counted on him.”
Zhang Xiaoyan sneered: “You are really shameless.”
Yang Xi smiled and said: “Now you decide for yourself, will you go back on your own? Or will you let me send you to the west?”
As soon as the word “西天” came out, Yang Xi’s men immediately surrounded Zhang Xiaoyan.
“‘Smiling Tiger’, what do you mean?” Zhang Xiaoyan looked at Yang Xi without changing her expression.
Yang Xi still maintained a false smile and said with a smile: “It’s the same as what you think in your heart.”
Zhang Xiaoyan snorted coldly and said: “The ‘Emperor of Heaven’ has long expected that you will not submit obediently, so I came prepared this time.”
Zhang Xiaoyan clapped her palms twice, and suddenly from all corners, thirteen masked men dressed in black slowly walked out.
Yang Xi’s smile suddenly froze, and he said tremblingly: “This is the personal bodyguard of the ‘Emperor of Heaven’ – the ‘Thirteen Riders of Yanyun’.”
Zhang Xiaoyan said proudly: “You have good eyesight, so what, ‘Smiling Tiger’, do you still think that I’m ‘falsely passing on the imperial edict’? ‘The Emperor of Heaven’ has also said that if you insist on targeting Wei Renwu, I will let you do it today.” ‘White Tiger Hall’ is buried here.”
Yang Xi took a deep breath and said slowly: “I understand, I will go back with you to see the ‘Emperor of Heaven’ now.”
Wei Renwu and Yue Ming have arrived home.
“Xiaoyue, I’m hungry.” Wei Renwu touched his flat stomach and shouted while sitting on the sofa.
“If you’re hungry, just cook for yourself.” Yue Ming said angrily.
Wei Renwu laughed and said: “Hahahahaha, Xiaoyue, why are you so angry again?”
“I just don’t want to cook for someone who has no humanity.”
“You are such a big idiot!” Wei Renwu looked like he hated iron, “Tell me, why am I so inhumane?”
“You don’t care at all about the life or death of Captain Lin and me.”
Wei Renwu was so angry that his mustache stood on his head, and he cursed: “If I didn’t fucking care about your life or death, you two would have died hundreds of times.”
/Yue Ming was stunned. Wei Renwu was right. If it weren’t for Wei Renwu, he would have been killed by the killer in the bar. He was indeed blinded by anger just now. After calming down and thinking about it, Wei Renwu wa