piece of paper, but suddenly his newly invented impossible crime pattern came out!!”

There are many readers who are trying to find out the truth one step ahead of the detectives when reading “Murder on the Orient Express”. That is a major hobby for mystery lovers in reading such books.
But when everyone saw the ending, they were shocked and dumbfounded.
Did you commit a foul?
Chu Kuang actually completed a new reasoning mode!
The murderers turned out to be twelve people!
Of course, it turns out that the passengers in all the carriages worked together to commit the crime, helped cover each other, and provided alibi, which directly led to the possibility that all the testimonies were false.
/Who the hell could have imagined this! ?
According to normal people’s thinking, isn’t there only one murderer?
Occasionally, there are only two or three people who work together to commit crimes, right?
But in this novel, all the conventional reasoning methods are wrong, and the ending is completely wrong! member! good! people!
At the same time, all! member! fierce! hand!
It’s basically impossible to guess!
So after everyone has read it, it’s hard not to be confused!
Not to mention, until the answer was revealed, everyone instinctively thought that Chu Kuang was writing about Xu Wei.
The media’s stunts are all out.
The literary battle between Chu Kuang and Leng Guang, the duel between Xu Wei and tradition.
As a result, as soon as Chu Kuang’s new book came out, everyone realized after reading it, ah, this guy is sincerely teasing us. This time he wrote the same thing as Leng Guang’s, and it fell into the category of traditional reasoning!
Even the secret room killing patterns are almost the same!
“I feel that Chu Kuang is really the writer who can tease readers the best, but I am still happy to be teased.”
“Chu Kuang pioneered the narrative of guile, but Chu Kuang never said that he could only narrate guile. He was just bad. He knew that everyone had inertial thinking, but he didn’t explain the type of writing this time. But because he didn’t explain, so When I found out that this was a traditional mystery that almost subverted the traditional reasoning model, I was stunned!”
“As expected of an old thief.”
“The old thief is playing crazy with our emotions! He must be hiding somewhere and laughing!”
“The one who was played the worst was obviously Leng Guang. He dragged Chu Kuang into a duel. In the end, Chu Kuang defeated Leng Guang using the traditional reasoning that Leng Guang is good at.”
“This is equivalent to Chu Kuang using Leng Guang’s best martial arts to defeat Leng Guang. This is a bit embarrassing.”
/“I feel sorry for Leng Guang. Although this guy likes to slander, he doesn’t just come out with his mouth. His slander is basically justified. This time I bumped into Chu Kuang. I was really unlucky to bump into a ghost.”
This time it’s not about imagination and over-interpretation.
Lin Yuan did think this way.
He didn’t want to give everyone the impression that he could only tell tricks