inking about how to let the topic turn to Liu Changan naturally and without any trace, but it seemed that everyone was going to gossip.

Li Hongman pretended to be very interested and asked: “You are quite tall, are you handsome?”
Liu Changan always had his back to this side, and they couldn’t see clearly, but they could feel that the boy standing there gave people a very comfortable feeling, as if the river breeze was blowing in his face, carrying the wind in the forest at the foothills on the other side.
/“He was my classmate in high school.” Bai Hui didn’t say whether Liu Changan was handsome or not. Let’s just say he was handsome. He felt a little hot and didn’t want to admit it, because he always looked like his tail was raised to the sky. Gao Dewei also likes to treat girls as inferior creatures. He is a little reluctant to say that he is not handsome, because he does not want to belittle the impression he leaves on his roommates and classmates.
“My deskmate.”
Zhao Yu smiled and nodded. She and her boyfriend were not at the same table, but they only got together across the aisle in their senior year of high school.
The others also laughed in agreement, except Guan Yuan.
“In your senior year of high school, men and women share the same table?” Guan Yuan asked in disbelief and looked around again.
Everyone shook their heads. This situation is indeed quite rare. After all, it has been proven that adolescent boys and girls are more likely to fall in love over time than men and women of any age group.
“He and I are the only ones in the class.” Saying this made Bai Hui feel a little guilty, but at this time, did he still need to deliberately explain that he had sat with An Nuan before? Is this necessary? Is it useful? Do others care? Why bother with this? It seems like you are deliberately emphasizing something.
“Oh, the chosen couple?” Zeng Changhe, who was sitting opposite Bai Hui, laughed playfully and glanced at Guan Yuan. Sure enough, Guan Yuan’s face looked very calm. In fact, everyone in the dormitory must have been talking about class. Of course, Guan Yuan, as the person in charge of military training, had some daily contact with Bai Hui, the girl on the girl’s side. Guan Yuan liked to talk about Bai Hui more in the dormitory, and everyone could feel that he had some thoughts.
Bai Hui blushed. When he lowered his head to drink water, he glanced at Liu Changan who was already sitting back and was arguing with Zhou Dongdong. He was really like a fool and liked to quarrel with children.
“No, he is not very serious in class, and he also likes to read extracurricular books. The teacher was afraid that he would affect his classmates, so he moved him to sit with me.”
“Then we’re not afraid of affecting you?” Rao Magao was a lean boy who was cracking melon seeds.
“He and I didn’t have a good relationship at that time. If I ignored him, he wouldn’t ignore me either.” Bai Hui was telling the truth. She still missed those days a little, even though some of the things she came into contact with Liu Changan we