ts, the intestines connected to it will continue to fall out.

Moreover, the white mist corrosive poison contained in the white mist divine power gun also invaded the scarab’s body and began to corrode continuously.
Another armored vehicle was smashed into pieces and most of it flew out.
/The scarab’s charging speed had begun to slow down at this time, but it still looked so energetic.
This is the characteristic of insect creatures, especially crustaceans.
They often have extremely strong vitality and can survive for several months even without eating or drinking.
As for the intestines protruding from the body, it is all a matter of speculation.
Don’t you see, even if Xiaoqiang is hit by the slipper, can his arthropod legs still move?
But no matter what, as long as it continues to be consumed like this, this scarab will definitely have only one way to die!
After finding the scarab’s weakness, it was only a matter of time before Wei Xiaobei won.
Another shot! After more than ten shots were fired, Wei Xiaobei’s shot even penetrated most of the scarab’s tail, nearly one and a half meters in length!
This shot made the Scarab feel the danger, and it struggled desperately. The huge force coming from the barrel of the gun almost made Wei Xiaobei unable to hold the barrel of the gun. His hands were shaking, and the violent vibration of the barrel shook the Scarab’s body. After a pause, Wei Xiaobei took out the big gun.
As the big gun was drawn out, a large pool of liquid and even a mixture of intestines, internal organs, etc. suddenly flowed out of the scarab’s tail.
Undoubtedly, after receiving this blow, the scarab seemed to consume a lot of energy, and its running speed dropped by more than half. And after multiple superpositions, the corrosive power of the white mist had reached its extreme. Wei Xiaobei could even use his naked eyes to I saw the white mist rising and retracting from the tail of the scarab.
/Just when Wei Xiaobei was sure of victory, the soldiers who had escaped fled back again and kept shouting something.
“Help! Help!”
Well, people from any country will shout this when they are in danger.
Wei Xiaobei’s attention was not distracted at all. When the scarab slowed down, his legs touched the sand, jumped up and down, and stood firmly on the back of the scarab. Then he rolled and rolled over. The gun shot out like lightning and struck the mouthparts protected by the two big jaws!
Compared to the excretion hole, the scarab’s mouthparts looked even worse. Following the force of the scarab’s forward thrust, the gun tip penetrated in the blink of an eye. Only when the gun was halfway up the barrel did Wei Xiaobei give up and throw the gun away. He jumped up again and jumped onto the scarab’s back by stepping on its jaws.
Before Wei Xiaobei could stand firm on its back, the Scarab’s forward body stopped.
A smile appeared on Wei Xiaobei’s face at this moment. There was no doubt that this single shot would definitely penetrate the scarab’s brain! It even penetrated the heart!
Scarab is down