he boss was frightened and shouted loudly: “We will fight it!”

Hearing the boss’s greeting, two people in the crowd immediately responded. One held a dog-leg knife, and the other rushed towards the digger pig with empty hands.
It has to be said that the skills of these two people are not weak among humans.
The man with the knife rushed in front of the digging pig and rolled towards the ground. Then the dog-legged knife slashed towards the digging pig’s calf. A red light flashed on the dog-legged knife, and it seemed to become sharper. stand up.
The one with empty hands stretched out his hands and waved towards the digging pig.
/Then Wei Xiaobei noticed a force pressing down on the digging pig.
Well, this force weighs about two hundred kilograms. If used against ordinary people, it would be enough to restrain the opponent unable to move.
But for beasts like digger pigs, it’s a bit ridiculous.
Before the knife-holder’s dog-legged knife hit the digger pig’s calf, the digger pig dodged the dog-leg knife as soon as it raised its front legs, and then stepped on the knife-holder without hesitation.
With a pop, the knife holder was stepped on until his chest collapsed, and he died immediately.
Seeing another person die, the remaining people were so frightened that they dared not stay where they were. They shouted and turned around to run for their lives.
/Even the boss didn’t care about brotherhood at this time and turned around and ran away. However, this guy was so bold that even at this time, he still didn’t forget to carry Che Meihan on his shoulders.
But having said that, to be able to act as the boss among this group of people, this guy’s strength is not too weak.
Of course, in this gray world, this kind of thing is not surprising.
What made Wei Xiaobei slightly confused was that these guys didn’t look like people from the Wild Gate.
To put it simply, the clothes they were wearing were not of famous brands, which directly ruled out the possibility that they were young men. However, they were not street vendors, and they were not uniforms, which also ruled out their identity as Wild Gate staff.
Wei Xiaobei had no intention of killing them all, so the digger pigs just chased after them and did not charge.
Seeing that the digger pigs were just hanging around behind, the guys who were escaping had some thoughts and tried to disperse.
As for who the monster behind is chasing, it all depends on luck.
The law is shocking!
Wei Xiaobei didn’t want to get too entangled with these people, so he directly issued the order to shock them.
In the eyes of those people, the man who suddenly appeared was simply a ferocious giant beast. As long as they dared to move even half a minute, the giant beast would pounce on them and devour them!
Of course, this order was so shocking that Wei Xiaobei only released it for a short half-breath before everyone became stiff and unable to move.
The huge strength gap between the two sides made the shocking effect of this law reach the extreme.
By the time everyone recovered slightl