mproves the level of Taekwondo.

As for whether Taekwondo is cool or not, these issues are beyond the scope of this discussion.
Cheng Biwu couldn’t make others change, but he could implement these things in his own martial arts gym, which was why the scene in the morning happened.
After the three students entered, Wei Xiaobei stood guard by the door, holding a form book. After each student entered, Wei Xiaobei put a check mark on the corresponding name on the form to indicate that the student had arrived at the martial arts gym.
After the last student entered, Wei Xiaobei closed the door and returned to the martial arts arena. He waited until Cheng Sisi called everyone’s names.
Wei Xiaobei and other coaches took these students out individually according to their strength to guide them in practice.
Morning, noon, afternoon, until 17:48, when the last student left, Wei Xiaobei closed the door, put away the form, and went back slowly.
Although Cheng’s martial arts gym is not big, there are not many students coming to study during this time.
/In addition to the reason why Cheng’s Martial Arts School is not expensive, what’s more important is that those gangsters in the past couldn’t help Cheng’s Martial Arts School become famous.
Many neighbors here let their children come to this martial arts studio to learn.
Of course, these parents have simple ideas.
They don’t think that their children can become martial arts masters at all, as long as these children don’t get into trouble in the martial arts gym.
To put it bluntly, Cheng’s martial arts school is almost regarded as a nursery.
Well, being able to keep these kids safe and learn something at the same time is worth the box office.
In any case, as the number of students increased, Wei Xiaobei and others became a little tired.
Dinner was braised pork, which really made Wei Xiaobei feel good. So after dinner, he took a walk near the martial arts arena to eat, but his attention was focused on the attribute panel at this time.
Name: Wei Xiaobei.
Race: human.
Sex: Male.
Age: twenty-one years old.
Creature level: 1 star.
Attributes: (The average attribute value of a normal adult man is 10 points)
Strength: 12.61 (muscle 14.85, physical strength 10.37)
Agility: 10.11 (hand-eye coordination 9.36, dexterity 11.36, reflexes 11.36, balance 8.36)
Constitution: 16.26 (health 20.31 primary regeneration, endurance 12.21)
Intelligence: 7.31 (Learning 6.31, Reasoning 8.31)
Perception: 9.56 (willpower 12.31, common sense 8.31, perception 7.31, intuition 10.31)
Charisma: 7.75 (10.31 for courage, 7.31 for persuasion, 7.91 for personal attractiveness, 5.31 for leadership, 7.91 for physical attractiveness)
Skills: Shooting (slightly accomplished), Military Boxing (slightly accomplished), Electrician (first learner), Bajiquan (comprehensive), Fishing (first learner), Three Emperors Cannon Hammer (first learner) .
Special ability: Release electric current (the upper limit of voltage is 37 volts and the upper limit of current is 10 mA. This ability is formed by Wei Xiao