le insurance is 950 yuan for a family car with less than 6 seats. The extra 43.8 yuan here is due to the purchase of other insurance. There is also a POS ticket for 3,000 yuan, but I can’t find out what I bought.”

“Then what do you think of these two POS tickets?”
“950 yuan and 43.8 yuan are on a POS ticket, indicating that they are money spent at the insurance company. Although I don’t know what the 3,000 yuan POS ticket is, the bank can definitely check the payment unit. I found the person behind these POS tickets. With this information, we can find out who will be the beneficiary after Lu Tong’s death.”
Lin Xingchen said in shock: “You mean?”
“I mean, this is what Guo Long consumed for Lu Tong, so the actual object is not in Guo Long’s hands. But the murderer ignored that Guo Long would leave these traces when he did things for Lu Tong privately. He only knew that Guo Long Long knew too much, so he killed him to silence him, but he didn’t know that the dead can also identify the murderer.” Quan Kai stood up.
“Then I’ll check it out now.” Lin Xingchen was ready to leave immediately.
“There’s no rush.” ??Quan Kai stopped her, “You should go back and rest first. The murderer won’t even notice that we have found some clues, and we won’t have time to check again tomorrow. Besides, I still lack some decisive evidence.”
As soon as Quan Kai received the call from Yue Ming, he hurried downstairs.
“Xiao Yue, it’s not even 8 o’clock yet, why do you come to see me so early?” Quan Kai greeted Yue Ming in a friendly manner.
Yue Ming giggled and said, “I usually get up very early. I was thinking, since I have nothing to do, I’ll come over and take Mr. Quan to have breakfast in Chengdu.”
Quan Kai got on Yue Ming’s car and said, “What’s delicious in Chengdu?”
“I know there is a restaurant called Mimifen that is very delicious.” Yue Ming started the “Beetle”.
/The Mimifen restaurant that Yue Ming took Quan Kai to was called “Wenxing Mimifen”.
The rice is soft and smooth, melts in your mouth, and the taste is very spicy with Sichuan characteristics. It is full of praise.
While eating, Yue Ming introduced Mimi Fen to Quan Kai: “This Mimi branch is a special breakfast in Nanchong City, and ‘Wenxing Mimi Fen’ is the best Mimi branch in Nanchong, so They also have a branch in Chengdu.”
“If it weren’t for work, I would really like to leave Beijing and live in Chengdu. Do you know? The food in Chengdu is really too tempting.” Quan Kai squeaked out two chopsticks.
“Isn’t Beijing bad?”
/“The smog in Beijing is too serious, and the traffic jams are also serious.”
Yue Ming laughed and said: “Both of these are actually quite serious in Chengdu.”
“You’re talking about the urban area. In fact, the suburbs of Chengdu are quite good.”
“I haven’t been to the suburbs much.”
“How long have you been in Chengdu?”
“It’s been almost a month.”
“It’s not long, it’s not short. So what do you usually do?”
“In addition to following Mr. Wei to solve cases, I also follow Mr. Wei to eat, drink and have fun.”
“Xiao Yue, you’re not doi