s to be said that Wei Xiaobei felt that he had grasped a little bit of the laws that reality affects the gray world, but he felt that he had not grasped it.

There are thousands of thoughts in my mind, but less than half of the time has passed.
Forget it, don’t think too much about this kind of thing, lest your mind gets messed up.
Wei Xiaobei sighed softly, stepped into the outdoor martial arts arena, and rushed towards a group of human-shaped wooden stakes gathered together. He grabbed it with his right hand, and a large matte black gun appeared immediately, surrounded by a ball of silver light. After that, the big gun turned into a big bow!
Even a big bow cannot be resisted by those human-shaped wooden stakes.
The big bow was swung, and the hair-thin bowstring passed over the neck of a human-shaped wooden stake.
/Without making any sound, the head of the human-shaped stake flew out on its own.
In less than ten breaths, the group of more than 30 human-shaped wooden piles were cut by bowstrings into piles of broken wood, with finger-sized wooden hearts emerging from some of the broken pieces.
As Wei Xiaobei’s right hand brushed over these broken pieces of wood, the broken pieces of wood and several wooden hearts disappeared, and were put into Wei Xiaobei’s storage bracelet.
/In silence, a tall stone gate appeared. Wei Xiaobei didn’t hesitate at all, rushed over with a quick step, slipped into the stone gate and disappeared.
At this moment, the wooden door of the indoor martial arts arena slowly opened, and a red light shot out, passing through the disappearing stone door and hitting the ground, exploding a large crater.
Wei Xiaobei had already appeared outside the martial arts hall wall at this time, speeding away in the direction away from the martial arts hall. At the same time, he summoned the white mist dragon horse, kicked off the ground with his legs, and got on the horse’s back. The white mist dragon horse then transformed. As a white light, disappeared above the street.
At this moment, a series of invisible sharp edges came out through the courtyard wall and shuttled back and forth on the surrounding streets. In the blink of an eye, the streets in this area seemed like the end of the world, with extremely smooth cutting cracks everywhere.
To be honest, if Wei Xiaobei had run a little slower just now, he might be missing some parts.
The Bai Wu Longma was extremely fast. Soon, Wei Xiaobei’s eyes narrowed and a look of disbelief appeared on his face.
The entrance to the alley behind the rental house where I once lived was the edge of the desert area.
But now, after exiting the alley, what Wei Xiaobei saw was a gray-white land.
The desert disappeared?
Could it be?
Wei Xiaobei did not hesitate, judged the direction, and commanded the Baiwu Dragon Horse to rush forward.
The white fog dragon horse ran for about two or three kilometers on this gray land, and a thick fog appeared in front of it.
Wei Xiaobei’s eyes were determined, not wavering at all. The white mist dragon horse h