ly, just when those mutated humans appeared at the entrance of the alley, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help it anymore. He retracted his legs, pursed his lips slightly, and then inhaled hard. The meridians in his body were running rapidly, and a smooth breath flowed through his Dantian. After touching the meridians, it went straight to the mouth, and then a white mist shot out from the mouth!

The white mist hit the wooden door in the blink of an eye!
This time, the wooden door suddenly opened, and it was pitch black, but with a little shining starlight.
dangerous! Not low!
Wei Xiaobei’s intuition immediately gave off a warning signal, but without any hesitation, he rushed towards the wooden door with one swift step.
Seeing Wei Xiaobei enter the door, the mutated humans immediately increased their speed and filed into the wooden door.
After Wei Xiaobei got in, the wooden door slowly closed with a overwhelming force.
Compared to the wooden door, there were actually a lot more mutant humans. When the wooden door was completely closed, there were still more than twenty mutant humans still outside, locked firmly outside.
/Naturally, these mutated humans refused to give up and desperately grabbed the door.
A large number of scratches appeared on the wooden door, but they were quickly restored.
After a long time, these mutated humans changed directions and rushed to the courtyard wall, trying to climb over the courtyard wall with their abilities.
But in front of this courtyard wall, they encountered what Wei Xiaobei had experienced.
No matter how fast they crawled on the wall, they could never climb over it.
Not to mention the mutated humans locked outside who were desperately trying to enter the Cheng Family Martial Arts Hall. After Wei Xiaobei rushed through the wooden door, his eyes lit up, and then he found himself in the corridor.
At this moment, a sound of gust of wind came from behind, and Wei Xiaobei immediately kicked the newly emerged mutant human out, hitting the wall of the corridor with a dull loud noise.
Wei Xiaobei did not catch up and kill the mutant human, but turned around and rushed towards the outdoor martial arts arena.
Mutated humans continued to emerge behind him, so fast that several mutated humans were entangled with each other, blocking the corridor.
At this time, the human-shaped wooden stakes had returned to their original state, and there were more than two hundred of them in total, wandering back and forth in the spacious outdoor martial arts field.
As Wei Xiaobei rushed into the outdoor martial arts arena, these humanoid wooden stakes immediately became alert, and several humanoid wooden stakes that were closer to Wei Xiaobei immediately surrounded Wei Xiaobei.
In the past, these human-shaped wooden stakes were difficult enemies for Wei Xiaobei to deal with, but now, Wei Xiaobei could knock one of the human-shaped wooden stakes away with just one punch.
Wei Xiaobei stretched out his left hand, and he caught the fist hit by a human-shaped wooden stake. Then he swung it, and th