ade a table of fragrant meals.

Huang Kun, Zhao Guang, and Zhang Zhilong all rushed back to attend Wei Xiaobei’s family dinner.
Xiao Hong couldn’t believe that Wei Xiaobei actually had such cooking skills.
/Fortunately, Xiao Hong didn’t ask any further questions about this matter, otherwise Wei Xiaobei would really be a little overwhelmed.
Afterwards, Wei Xiaobei called Xu Feiyang and was relieved to learn that the international airport would reopen tomorrow.
But then, during the communication with Huang Kun, Zhang Zhilong and others, Wei Xiaobei frowned.
For now, the frequency of gray world monsters appearing in Green Lake City has increased significantly compared to before.
A piece of data can clearly reveal the changes.
In the past month, there have been sixteen appearances of monsters from the gray world, but yesterday and today alone, including the Protoss Base, there were as many as eleven!
There are green-skinned dwarves, descendants of scarabs, mutant mice, and even two Shangfu!
In other words, the frequency of monsters appearing in the gray world has increased by more than thirty times!
Although among the monsters here, only the Star Spirit Base is more terrifying, and the rest of the monsters are relatively weak, which are just the experience that the core disciples can easily gain, it is undeniable that even Xu Feiyang can feel that the monsters that appear are getting more and more scary. The stronger the trend.
“By the way, Second Senior Brother, please take your family to Weijia Island as soon as possible. It is no longer safe here.”
Wei Xiaobei thought for a while and gave Zhang Zhilong some advice.
Zhang Zhilong nodded. Although his relationship with his family was not very good, he was still prepared to take his parents away. As for other relatives, Zhang Zhilong could only say that life or death was up to them.
Speaking of Zhang Zhilong’s family, Wei Xiaobei thought of his master’s family and even his senior brother and third senior brother. He couldn’t help but take out his cell phone and start making a call.
What surprised Wei Xiaobei was that as soon as he explained the matter, Cheng Biwu nodded directly in agreement. The pool of persuasion prepared by Wei Xiaobei was not used at all.
Out of curiosity, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but ask a few more questions.
“Ancient soldiers appeared in Suzhou!”
Cheng Biwu smiled bitterly.
/It turned out that a week ago, a group of ancient soldiers appeared on the outskirts of Suzhou. When they saw the car, they called it a monster and surrounded them to fight.
Well, not many people were killed, but a lot of cars were damaged.
After that, the National Guard was urgently called in and killed this group of ancient soldiers.
After research by archaeological experts, these ancient soldiers were actually wearing armor from the period of King Wu Fu Chai, and even the weapons were the same.
In fact, this kind of thing has happened many times. If it weren’t for the large number of people who saw it this time, I’m afraid it wouldn’t have spread.
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