ter contains the necessary steps to transform the Yin soldiers.

And even fragments of incomplete souls can be transformed into the lowest level of Yin soldiers.
Of course, the growth potential of a Yin soldier like this is very low.
This was clearly seen after Wei Xiaobei used his powerful knowledge to investigate.
To put it simply, Yin soldiers transformed from soul fragments can only grow to the peak of a one-star elite at best, and can never grow to a two-star ordinary. This is an innate flaw that even Wei Xiaobei cannot reverse.
The female ghost can be promoted to two stars or above relatively easily.
But having said that, with the blessing of the soul-summoning flag, Wei Xiaobei could clearly see that these Yin soldiers were more or less covered with a layer of black mist. This black mist gave Wei Xiaobei a slightly uncomfortable feeling. It feels like this is what is called resentment.
/It seems that the qualifications of these ghosts may have something to do with this resentment.
After all, the female ghost with the highest qualifications had the strongest resentment, almost drowning her body.
But at this moment, Wei Xiaobei thought of the Yin soldiers in the City God’s Temple, and the resentment in those Yin soldiers was much less.
Well, wait until you return to the City God’s Temple and ask Xiong Biao.
After all the Yin soldiers were transformed, these Yin soldiers completely lost their previous expressions. Instead, they saluted respectfully towards Wei Xiaobei, and then remained silent, waiting for Wei Xiaobei’s instructions.
Wei Xiaobei, who was holding the soul-calling flag, was their master at this time. This was formed in their hearts after the earth spirit water entered their bodies.
Undoubtedly, this is the method used by the City God Temple to control the Yin soldiers. Of course, apart from this, there are no other abnormalities in the performance of these Yin soldiers.
The only difference is that the Yin soldiers transformed from soul fragments seem to have some trouble with their brains.
However, this is understandable. After all, the Yin soldiers transformed from the soul fragments originally had incomplete souls. If placed in reality, they would be idiots and fools. Now, under the influence of the earth spirit water, they can follow other Yin soldiers. Very good.
After Wei Xiaobei asked a few questions, he waved these Yin soldiers out and went around to explore the situation with the ordinary people.
Compared with ordinary people, it was much easier for Yin soldiers to enter and exit the house. They sank toward the floor and disappeared immediately.
They can even float in the air twenty or thirty meters above the ground, which makes their disadvantage against angels less obvious.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei has not yet completely freed himself from his weak state, so he has no plans to enter the gray world for the time being. Instead, he is taking advantage of this moment to prepare to process the evolutionary points gained during this period.
After improving the physical streng