pared to other attributes, this muscle attribute is now improving very slowly.

Let’s put it this way, after lying on the bed for about half an hour, Wei Xiaobei’s muscle attributes had just improved by about 2 points.
Tu Qingqing probably saw that Wei Xiaobei’s body was undergoing a mysterious change, so she didn’t disturb him, quietly got up from the bed, and left the tent.
Although Wei Xiaobei noticed Tu Qingqing’s departure, the long process of improving his muscle attributes prevented him from distracting himself.
/After about five hours, this long muscle attribute improvement ended.
Muscle attribute 80 points! It consumes 19,500 evolution points!
/However, just after his muscle attributes increased to 80 points, Wei Xiaobei felt severe pain in his muscles all over his body!
it hurts!
Wei Xiaobei gritted his teeth and endured the sudden pain.
But Wei Xiaobei was not panicked at all. Instead, he felt slightly happy.
It’s not that Wei Xiaobei has the potential to be abused, but the lack of pain makes Wei Xiaobei feel a little uneasy, as if his physical strength has been increased to 80 points, completely like a dream.
Fortunately, the pain is coming!
But this time the pain was not muscle dissolution and reorganization, but started from the meridians. Due to Qingqiu Yangkui’s method, Wei Xiaobei’s internal energy in the meridians had expanded to the extreme, and this pain was just As soon as it appeared, a large amount of internal energy was produced in various acupuncture points, especially the Dantian.
In an instant, the internal energy exceeding the total capacity of the meridians caused the meridians to crackle. It seemed that the next moment, the meridians throughout the body would collapse due to the rapid expansion of the internal energy.
But what Wei Xiaobei never expected was that the beads suspended in his dantian would begin to swallow up the inner energy flowing through his dantian.
This kind of devouring was extremely fast. In less than five minutes, all the internal energy in the meridians was swallowed up.
Although each acupuncture point is still producing internal Qi at this time, the internal Qi in the meridians is no longer enough to burst the meridians.
Time passed slowly, and after half an hour, the acupuncture points no longer produced internal energy.
But at this moment, the bead that had swallowed all the inner energy quietly spit out a few drops of crystal clear, extremely transparent liquid with a hint of silver. These liquids gave Wei Xiaobei a very familiar feeling. Just like the inner energy before.
This is what is produced after the inner energy is condensed to the extreme. This thing is undoubtedly a level higher than the inner energy.
Various Taoist texts in China have their own explanations for this thing.
There is the theory of true mercury, there is the theory of refining gas into liquid, etc.
But Wei Xiaobei still had to explore little by little as to what exactly this thing was.
Of course, at this time, Wei Xiaobei still named this thing true mercury, an