. They were not driven away, but their expressions were somewhat shocked.

There were rumors in the company that Xianyu robbed the chairman’s tea leaves and became domineering in the company. The chairman would definitely beat Xianyu with thunderous means.
Is this the result?
/Where the hell is beating?
This is obviously an even greater pampering!
Lin Yuan didn’t just stand there stupidly. He opened the door and took a look at the luxurious decoration inside the car: “Thank you, Chairman, but wasn’t my previous car pretty good?”
“This one is different.”
“What’s the difference?”
“This car is bulletproof!”
The chairman looked serious as if facing a formidable enemy, as if the car the company had equipped Lin Yuan with had a safety risk:
/“As long as there are no heavy weapons attacks, you will be absolutely safe sitting inside!”
As he spoke, the chairman stepped forward and patted Lin Yuan’s shoulder so hard that Lin Yuan almost fell apart:
“I can only help you this far. You hurry up and get in the car, otherwise I’m afraid I won’t be able to bear it.”
Cut the shot.
In the chairman’s office.
There is a newly serialized copy of “Detective Sherlock Holmes” placed on the table, and the last page of the novel was torn to pieces by someone with violence.
Lin Yuan:? ? ?
Why is bulletproof glass even used?
A car with military-grade safety?
Isn’t this a modern city?
Who can hit me with a weapon?
Can I, a common man, commit such a crime?
Lin Yuan wanted to complain, but because the car was really good, Lin Yuan finally accepted it happily and even wanted to learn a driver’s license.
Lin Yuan does not have a driver’s license.
In the past, Sun Yaohuo was Lin Yuan’s driver, and later it was Gu Dong.
“This car is better than the chairman’s.”
Lao Zhou spoke sourly next to him.
The news that the chairman had given Lin Yuan a new car had spread throughout the company, and more and more employees came out to watch the fun.
“Can I come in and sit?”
Lao Zhou looked envious at the side: “This car is more advanced than our chairman’s!”
Lin Yuan nodded.
Lao Zhou happily sat in and pushed his butt hard against the sofa: “It’s so enjoyable, this car has been modified!”
“Chairman, is that my car too?”
Zheng Jing appeared out of nowhere and looked at Li Songhua with resentful eyes.
“Your car is not bad”
Li Songhua took half a step back with a guilty conscience. As a result, he bumped into someone and turned around to look.
Yang Zhongming is here.
Yang Zhongming said: “I’m not interested in cars, but last time I asked for your tea, you only gave me twenty taels. In the end, Xianyu gave me another pound.”
Li Songhua broke into a cold sweat: “Xianyu is in a special situation”
“Two more pounds of tea leaves, I’ll choose.”
Yang Zhongming stared at Li Songhua, glancing at the gorgeous black car body from time to time.
“no problem!”
Li Songhua gritted his teeth and said.
“I don’t understand tea, but I heard that there is an authentic painting of Teacher Nanfeng in the chairman’s office. Chairman, y