avid is Galen’s extraordinary new disciple?” President Hume finally couldn’t hold back his anger and shouted loudly roared.

His behavior is rare. As a leader of a chamber of commerce, he rarely gets angry. He always pays attention to being friendly and making money.
“David is Galen’s extraordinary disciple?” Captain Isaiah’s mind went blank. Now he understood the reason and thought of the plan. David should not be able to escape. He is the same as Galen’s extraordinary disciple. A deadly feud was made.
But he immediately thought that if David really died, President Hume would not leave a way out for him.
“Does President Hume want to trick me into going back so that I can vent my anger on Galen?” Captain Isaiah became more and more worried as he thought about it. Suddenly he remembered the communication request sent by Horatio just now, but because of his It was an emergency, so I didn’t get through.
He glanced at the ID bracelet. Horatio’s communication request was still going on.
“How are things going? Is David dead?” Captain Isaiah entered the text and sent it.
Horatio, who was also extremely anxious, received a reply from Captain Isaiah, and felt happy that he finally made contact.
Seeing the content sent by Captain Isaiah, he quickly sent the entire process.
Captain Isaiah silently watched the events reported by Horatio, with a look of horror in his eyes. David single-handedly wiped out a group of elite soldiers, and frightened away the rest of the supporting armor. However, David himself was not injured.
Seeing this, Captain Isaiah couldn’t help but feel at ease. As long as nothing happened to David, there would be room for relaxation. This also showed that President Hume also wanted to protect him and was not preparing to betray him.
As for the situation Horatio encountered at the C117 shelter, Captain Isaiah had no intention of intervening at all. He was no longer the leader. Besides, it was Horatio’s suggestion that made things happen. So.
/If Horatio were in front of him, he would have the idea of ??killing Horatio.
Captain Isaiah thought that President Hume knew everything, so this most accurate information obtained from Horatio was not forwarded to President Hume.
“Break open the energy shield!” Helena ordered in a deep voice to her seven men.
The seven soldiers holding second-level warhammers did not hesitate and rushed directly to the energy shield of C117 shelter, and the warhammers in their hands bombarded continuously.
There is interference from krypton crystal mines in the underground network, and energy weapons cannot be used. The attacks of the seven soldiers using second-level warhammers are not weaker than energy weapons at all, and the energy shield is constantly shaking during the attack.
David moved part of his mind into Shadow Warrior’s body, and then Shadow Warrior flew into the energy shield. He saw that in the C117 shelter, there were only five soldiers wearing exoskeleton armor on the square, and the rest Everyone hid in the room.
Ordinary people cannot participate in the