‘ shouted in a very nondescript manner.

The ‘Sky-Breaking Beetle King’ has not suffered much since he was discovered to be a mutated Zerg with excellent talents and extremely important talents.
In fact, the Spider King known as the ‘Sky-Breaking Beetle King’ did not want to take advantage of the ‘Sky-Breaking Beetle King”s combat power, but only took a fancy to the ‘Sky-Breaking Beetle King”s space ability, so he was cultivating the ‘Sky-Breaking Beetle King’. Sky Beetle King’, there was no consideration at all in cultivating its combat power.
Therefore, the combat power and character of the ‘Sky-Breaking Beetle King’ are not strong. Although he has reached the peak of the fifth level, his character is not even as good as that of the fourth-level Zerg.
As the ‘Sky-Breaking Beetle King’ shouted, a light flashed above the golden mark, and in the light, a huge golden shadow appeared.
This is a Zerg with the upper body of a human female and the lower body of a spider.
/David is very familiar with this race. This is the ‘half-length spider’, a terrifying insect race that will make humans fearful when they see it.
What appears now is naturally not an ordinary ‘half-length spider’, but the divine incarnation of the ‘half-length spider king’.
Although the spiritual incarnation of the ‘Half Spider King’ only remains in the mark of the ‘Sky-Breaking Beetle King’ and is used to protect the ‘Sky-Breaking Beetle King’, it will naturally not be very strong, but its strength is still at the beginning of the demigod. degree of order.
When the divine incarnation of the ‘Half Spider King’ appeared, the ‘Blade Domain’ of the ‘Blade Mantis King’ also collapsed.
The energy levels of both sides are not at the same level at all, and the domain itself is not designed to deal with the same level, let alone the spiritual incarnation of the ‘Half Spider King’ that is one level higher.
“Bind!” The incarnation of the ‘Half Spider King’ made a sound that made the entire area tremble.
Thin threads flew out from the body of the spirit incarnation of the ‘Half Spider King’, winding towards the ‘Blade Mantis King’.
David controlled the ‘Blade Mantis King’ to dodge, but found that due to being suppressed by the demigod aura of the ‘Half Spider King’, the movement of the ‘Blade Mantis King’ was a beat slower than usual.
Even though it was just a beat slower, it was unable to dodge the thin thread entangling attack of the incarnation of the ‘Half Spider King’.
The thin threads seemed to be alive, automatically circling back and forth on the ‘Blade Mantis King’, and entangled the ‘Blade Mantis King’ tightly in just one breath.
The legendary level ‘Blade Mantis King’ was unable to even fight back in front of the spiritual incarnation of the ‘Half Spider King’.
There was a sound of the insect shell being squeezed and cracking from the ‘Blade Mantis King’. The threads on the ‘Blade Mantis King’ kept tightening, making its insect shell unable to withstand it and cracking.
There is no emotion in the eyes of the ‘Half Spider King’ divine inc