rcibly accommodate the ‘Dice of Probability’.

“Of course, this alone cannot succeed. It also requires a ‘fooling’ and an exploitation of a ‘bug’.”
Will Aucetin’s tears suddenly stopped falling, and he whispered in astonishment:
“Turns out those two choices are the same.”
Normally, to accommodate the uniqueness of this path, one must either be born with it, ask for help from the existence of the old personality, or rely on a simplified promotion ceremony. There is no other possibility.
Will Asceptin, the “Snake of Destiny” obviously does not have its own uniqueness and can only be considered among the next two options.
Thinking of this, Will Ascetin, a chubby child, cried even harder, feeling like he had been deceived by fate.
“You should ask the demigods of the School of Life to send the ‘Dice of Probability’ over now. Normally, at this time, with your luck, the ‘Dice of Probability’ should be by your side.” Klein ignored the threat. Er cried bitterly, “Start as soon as possible, I don’t have much time.”
Will stopped, looked at Klein for a while, and said with a slight sob:
“Forget it, let’s wait for the next opportunity.
“In your current state, it would be a huge burden to force me to accommodate you, and you might lose control on the spot. I don’t want to face the ‘Lord of Mysteries’.
“Well, next time, I have a feeling…”
/Having said this, Will looked into Klein’s eyes and said:
“I have a feeling the opportunity will be better next time.”
Klein still maintained that sleepwalking look, and his voice was slightly deeper:
“Is this a prophecy?”
Will Ascetin’s tears flowed down again:
“No, it’s a blessing.”
/Klein nodded lightly, stood up, and walked back step by step.
During this process, his figure became increasingly faint and soon disappeared.
He returned to the “Origin Castle” and sat on the high-backed chair, letting the gray mist cover his body.
After looking around and confirming the status of the crimson stars, Klein tiredly leaned back on the chair and raised his right hand slightly.
This time, he did not create the dummy “world”.
On both sides of the mottled long table, rays of deep red light rose up at the same time, forming the shapes of members of the Tarot Society such as “The Hanged Man”, “The Sun”, “The Hermit”, and “The Magician”.
This sudden summons was obviously beyond the expectations of “Justice” Audrey and others, leaving them all stunned and surprised for a moment.
Before this, although they had also been to Mr. Fool’s Kingdom of God on non-Monday afternoons, it was all for a reason. They knew they would be dragged here in advance – either they had applied for a small gathering in advance, Either to avoid the “Full Moon Talk” or to treat Mr. World’s psychological problems.
This made even the dullest members among them smell the uneasy atmosphere and feel the solidification of the air.
Thinking back to the previous visit of “The World” Gehrman Sparrow, and the words spoken by Mr. “Fool”‘s beloved, “Justice” Audrey, “The Hanged Man” Alger, “Judgement” Hugh Similar thought