“Divination is a revelation, which must be matched with one’s own caution, prudence and restraint.”
Rosago died in my hands because his “dirty words” involved the mysterious space above the gray fog and he was unable to predict the corresponding dangers. Otherwise, with his weird ability, Miss Bodyguard and I It is difficult to escape today. This is also a reminder to me. Even if I am blocked by gray fog, I cannot be careless. No matter how determined I am, I must leave some room for action. From these words, it seems that they did not know the “acting method” at the time. Otherwise, some words can be summed up directly as reverence for fate. As his thoughts flashed, Klein heard Rosago’s answer and unfolded the parchment:
“Sequence 7, Magician:”
/“Main materials: A piece of the real rhizome of the Misty Tree Man, and all the spinal fluid of the Evil Patterned Black Panther.”
“Supplementary materials: 60 ml of pure water, 30 ml of mist tree man’s juice, 3 grams of water-shaped gem powder, 4 drops of psychedelic grass essential oil.”
“Magician” is also from the circus. He can form the Big Three of the circus with the fortune teller and clown. Klein first complained, and then remembered the tuxedo clown he encountered before:
He seems to be a “magician”. He seems to have abilities such as snapping air bombs, jumping with flames, and drawing paper into soldiers. He’s pretty good. Just the fact that he can cast spells quickly can greatly improve my combat power.
As his thoughts flickered, Klein saw the scene change:
This time it’s a palatial room, surrounded by various golden sculptures and decorations.
It’s the same voice from before, and it’s also a certain reminder:
“Based on my experience, after taking this faceless man potion, you must remember that you can pretend to be anyone, but you can only be yourself.”
The Sequence 6 of the Faceless Man’s “Soothsayer” path is “The Faceless Man”. This should be the extraordinary ability that allows Rosago to transform into Sheriff Fassin. It seems that he also plays the fake Detective Zerrell.
“Creeping Hunger” allows Qilingos to transform into people with different appearances, which is consistent with this extraordinary ability. It seems that a “faceless man” died in his hands. This ability will not improve the front. The level of combat, but on many occasions, it is more useful than 90% of extraordinary abilities. No wonder Rosago dares to come and kill people and is not afraid of falling into a trap. This ability means a lot to me.
Thinking of this, Klein subconsciously opened his eyes and saw Rosago picking up a thin golden page with many Hermes words written on it:
“Sequence 6, Faceless Man:”
“Main materials: The mutated pituitary gland of the Thousand-Faced Hunter, the characteristics of the human skin shadow.”
“Supplementary materials: 80 ml of the blood of the Thousand-faced Hunter, 5 drops of black datura juice, 10 grams of dragon tooth grass powder, 3 hairs of the Deep Sea Naga.”
/The Thousand-Faced Hunter seems to be a type of dragon. It i