mi Star. Gami Star cannot be restored to its original state without a thousand years of time.

“Archbishop, Lord Arthur must have left early!” The priest on the side glanced at the information sent back by the scanning array, and bowed to report to Archbishop Choate.
“Really?” Archbishop Choate had a look of surprise on his face, but he soon realized that he had lost his composure, and quickly changed back to a serious expression and asked: “Where did you know for sure?”
Even with three space war temples, Archbishop Choate’s sense of security is not 100%.
Archbishop Choate’s purpose this time was not really to capture Lord Arthur at all. His purpose was to give an explanation to the God of War.
He told the God of War with practical actions that I am doing what you told me, but Lord Arthur is too cunning and will not confront me at all.
“Please look here. According to the information we have received, this should be the location of a planet-level portal. Look here again. This is Lord Arthur’s castle. And here, it should be Annabelle’s legendary castle. Now There is nothing left here!” The priest explained, pointing to the scanning array.
“Is it possible that it was destroyed by the ‘Divinity of Punishment’?” Archbishop Choate asked with some uncertainty.
Archbishop Choate used to be a fringe member of the War Temple, staying away from even several major wars, so he did not have a clear understanding of the power of the Space War Temple’s ‘punishment magic’.
He was not sure whether the power of the ‘Divinity of Punishment’ could destroy these buildings beyond recognition.
“Archbishop, Lord Arthur used Yaojin Stone to build the castle. The ‘punishment magic’ cannot completely destroy the castle built with Yaojin Stone!” the priest continued to explain.
“In other words, Lord Arthur took away the two castles and important things on Garmi? Did Lord Arthur leave earlier?” Archbishop Choate asked the key point.
/“Yes, that’s for sure!” the priest confirmed.
The divine pattern scanning array uses the power of faith as its energy source. As long as it is within the scanning range, almost nothing can avoid the scanning of the array.
The temple used this scanning array in the past, and even the evil gods could not escape the scanning array.
“Send a message to the main temple. We have initially achieved the results of the war. We have successfully occupied Garmis and destroyed Lord Arthur’s lair. We order the intelligence department of the War Temple to immediately investigate Lord Arthur’s traces with all our strength!” Archbishop Choate stood upright. He shook his body and ordered loudly.
Archbishop Choate seemed to have forgotten that his mission was to capture Lord Arthur alive, not to capture Garmis.
But how could he forget that just after he became the archbishop, he had accomplished something that Archbishop Guy had not been able to accomplish. Such feats must be announced inside the War Temple to highlight his achievements.
Even though Archbishop Choate expended a lot of faith power for this useless result