Temple actually had murderous intentions in their hearts. Priest Johnston was, to a certain extent, a mentor among the priests.

Many priests and priests present had read Priest Johnston’s works and gained a lot of knowledge from them.
The assassination of Priest Johnston caused great repercussions in the War Temple. The patron priests who came this time all had a revengeful mentality.
In addition, in recent times, due to various reasons, the War Temple has been in an extremely depressed state.
Now that I have a way to vent, I naturally need to let it out in a big way.
“Clan leader!” The clansmen in the castle howled sadly when they saw the clan leader being killed.
“Fire the crossbow!” Another clan leader shouted.
Arrowheads made of third-grade materials, combined with a complex mechanical crossbow bed and blessed by alchemical patterns, can explode with great power.
This is also a defense method commonly used by middle and large nobles, but the more powerful nobles and top nobles will not use this defense method.
Because this defensive method can only deal with some weak knights, the knights who are well-trained and form a knight’s battle formation like today are almost useless.
The crossbow arrows of green light hit the outside of the knight’s battle formation and were blocked by a shield of blood power.
The only effect of these crossbows was to further arouse the anger of the priests of the Temple of War. The huge sword blade composed of the power of blood impacted on the defensive shield of the castle.
With a bang, the castle’s defense was broken open, and the knight battle formation broke through the castle gate.
Then screams and exclamations continued to be heard in the castle, and the priests of the War Temple were killing crazily in the castle.
“Stop!” A roar came from the sky, followed by a terrifying suppressive power like the power of God, causing silence inside and outside the castle.
Lord Ludwig, wearing a black knight’s armor, appeared in the sky, his anger ready to erupt at any time like a volcano.
The strength of the legendary level, coupled with the recent consumption of ‘spiritual red wine’ to enhance the strength, Lord Ludwig’s current strength is already at the early stage of the legendary level.
Although he has not found his own rules, he has obvious suppression against knights below the legendary level.
Only Leon Templar was standing inside and outside the castle, but his body was struggling to hold on.
/The Temple of War has lost too many fifth-level Templars and fifth-level priests during this period. The strength of the Leon Templars is only in the early stage of the fifth-level Templars. It is a whole level different from Lord Ludwig. The fact that Lord Ludwig was still able to stand under the strong pressure was because his will was strong enough.
/Lord Ludwig saw the body of the McKenna family patriarch outside the castle, and saw the corpses everywhere in the castle, and his eyes were full of anger.
As his anger increased, each knight of the War Temple was forced to li