ghed in his heart, this is his confidence. Lord Arthur has the strength to deal with all demigods, so he can say such domineering words.

Under normal circumstances, at the same level of combat power, the Zerg’s combat power far exceeds that of humans.
Level 5 Zerg usually require multiple Level 5 humans to resist them. If you want to kill them, you need more Level 5 humans to form a battle formation.
This is true at level five, and it is the same at higher levels.
Just like the legendary Zerg, whose height alone can reach 100 meters, the weapons in the hands of human legendary knights can hardly cause much damage even if they can break through the skin of the legendary Zerg.
The Legendary Zerg can seriously injure or even kill a human Legendary Knight with just one blow.
This gap is a gap in racial talent. The human body is not suitable for fighting. The body structure of the Zerg is born for fighting. For this reason, the Zerg has also improved its own structure in the continuous evolution.
“The Temple of Knowledge can send out two space temples. I will personally lead ten fifth-level priests and thirty fifth-level Templar priests. The remaining priests and priests will be dispatched according to the situation!” Archbishop Ambrose took the initiative to tell the arrangements for the Temple of Knowledge.
The two space temples, plus the space temple originally left at the space gate, are three space temples.
Although Archbishop Ambrose only mentioned ten fifth-level priests and thirty fifth-level Templar priests, for the three space temples to be fully operational, each space temple must have at least several hundred priests and priests. This means that the number of priests and priests below level five sent by the Temple of Knowledge will not be less than a thousand.
/With Archbishop Ambrose’s statement, Archbishop Barney of the Earth Temple, Archbishop Adele of the Temple of Fortune, and Archbishop Julian of the Temple of Justice all expressed similar plans to send troops.
/In the end, everyone’s eyes turned to Archbishop McIntyre, leaving only the war power prepared by the Temple of War.
Archbishop McIntyre also wants to be as majestic as the four archbishops, but the Temple of War is really lacking in strength now.
The four major temples mobilize so much combat power that it will not affect their own operations at all. This is the bottom line.
But the foundation of the War Temple, after being consumed by three prodigal archbishops, is now a mess left to Archbishop McIntyre.
You must know that even the combat power of the Ascetic, which is the trump card, has been consumed a lot.
Now Archbishop McIntyre is asked to mobilize the ascetics again. He is also worried that something will happen to the ascetics again, and the God of War will not let him go.
“The Temple of War is willing to dispatch a space temple, ten fifth-level priests, and ten fifth-level Templar priests!” Archbishop McIntyre gritted his teeth and said.
He dispatched so much combat power, but he mobilized most of the combat power of the