e space gate.

The five huge temples were originally composed of countless components. After consuming a large amount of faith, they gained the ability to fly.
This level of consumption of the power of faith cannot be decided by the temple at all. Even the five archbishops do not have such power.
The power of faith belongs to the gods, and the clergy assigned to the temple by the gods can use it in small quantities, but if the scale exceeds a certain level, authorization from the gods is required.
Bishop McKinley stood in front of the huge gate of the War Temple. The War Temple was shrouded in a white mask. The environment inside the mask was suitable for human survival, which also allowed priests with less than level four strength to stay in the temple.
Bishop McKinley’s mood was agitated. This time was different from the last time he controlled a small war temple. Not only was the temple larger in size, but there were also four other huge temples participating in the war.
This level of war has never happened in the divine world in the past thousands of years. It was obvious that the five gods had no patience with the Zerg.
Bishop McKinley took another look at the group of ‘Starships’ following the five huge temples. The knights were not required to follow them to participate in the battle, but to demonstrate the power of the gods through the temple’s attack.
This is just like shepherding sheep. Not only do you need good grass, but you also need a loud whip to deter the sheep.
The great power displayed by the gods is the loudest whip, which can make all nobles and knights fear the gods from the depths of their souls.
“Insects were discovered ahead. The number is about 12,000, and there are twelve level four zerg!” A priest standing in the watchtower of the Temple of War reported loudly.
The watchtower is blessed with the ‘Eagle Eye Pattern’, and the priest can see very far away places through the watchtower’s bonus.
/“Don’t worry about them, just crush them!” Bishop McKinley ordered in a deep voice.
The other four bishops standing at the door of the other four huge temples did not say anything. During the war, the command tasks would normally fall on the War Temple. This is because the War Temple has a heritage of war command.
Having the War Temple direct the war can give full play to its own advantages and reduce the probability of errors.
Some of the knights on the Starship that were following behind also discovered the swarm of insects getting closer and closer.
Some knights jumped out of the ‘Star Sky Ship’, put on knight armor, and got ready for battle.
Those who were not prepared for battle were nervously waiting for orders from the temple.
There are five huge temples in front, and it is impossible for the knights to cross the temples and participate in the battle without receiving orders from the temples.
“Form a knight battle formation!” Seeing that they are getting closer and closer to the insect swarm, the knights can already see the situation of the insect swarm. Although this group of in