word were even more miserable than that of the Flying God Spear Demon, the blade was broken into two pieces, and when it was lightly sprayed by the fire dragon, the extremely hard blade began to melt rapidly under the burning of the flames. .

In less than half a minute, the ring-shou sword turned into a ball of iron juice, the pale color mixed with countless black.
Next, the fire dragon continued to spit out flames, cleaning out the black impurities in the iron juice one by one.
After the iron juice turned into silvery white and all the black inside disappeared, the fire dragon turned towards the remains of the flying god spear demon.
However, compared to the ring-shou sword, the remains of the Flying God Spear Demon were much more resistant to fire. After the fire dragon breathed dragon fire for a while, its remains showed some signs of melting.
All the remaining remains of the Flying God Gun Demon were melted and purified, forming a mass of liquid that glowed with rich red light.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei slowly fused the two masses of metallic liquid together to form a mass of light red metallic liquid.
Then, the fire dragon rushed into the metal liquid and printed runes one by one into the metal liquid.
/There is no doubt that compared to ordinary metal materials, the metallic liquid purified from the melted remains of the Flying God Gun Demon and Huanshou Dao has a higher tolerance for runes.
The number of runes it can withstand has reached 28, including twelve sharp runes, nine wind runes, and seven fire runes.
After that, under the influence of Wei Xiaobei’s thoughts, the ball of metallic liquid slowly elongated, forming the blade’s surface, blade, and handle bit by bit.
When the big sword took shape in the dragon fire cauldron, Wei Xiaobei felt a bit of pain in his forehead and his mind fell into drowsiness.
This is also a helpless matter. Wei Xiaobei is in a weak state now. To refine such a big sword, it will consume not even a little bit of energy.
After taking two bites of the barbecue and regaining his energy a little, Wei Xiaobei opened the lid of the cauldron. Suddenly, a burst of heat rushed out, and the temperature in the entire room rose by more than twenty degrees in that instant.
At this time, Na Tian Yuwen also woke up. Wei Xiaobei took out the blade head and blade, combined them into a big knife, and threw it towards Na Tian Yuwen.
Tian Yuwen was at the stall where he had just activated the Yanyue Sword Technique. He was in a state of impulse. When he saw the big knife flying towards him, he grabbed it, broke through the window, and jumped out of the building.
“Blue Dragon Slash!”
After rushing out of the window, there was a dilapidated house below. Tian Yuwen, who was three floors up, shouted violently and slashed down the dilapidated house with the big knife in his hand.
In an instant, a transparent sword energy emerged from the blade of the broadsword, came out of the sword, and disappeared into the air.
When Tian Yuwen landed, a knife mark more than one meter deep appeared o