hing it up close, or doing it yourself, I feel more confident and feel like I can learn something.

Xiang Muqing was dumbfounded. When he heard his master sneer again and again, saying that the proof was irrefutable and death was not a pity, his vision went dark and he felt like the sky was falling.
After a cup of tea, Lu Bei breathed a long sigh of relief, dispersed his sword fingers, lifted the curtain of the void with both hands, and opened a portal dotted with stars.
Inside, the stars are as bright as the sands of the Ganges River, and there is a world within a flower, as if there are three thousand hidden in it.
The portal opened, and Feixing urged Lu Bei to enter quickly, but something happened later.
Xiang Muqing stepped forward like a zombie, but was tricked by the unreliable master and Lu Bei. His eyes lost their luster and he called out “Master” blankly.
“Palace Master, are your disciples okay? Your eyes are very scary.”
/“It doesn’t hurt, give her a beauty, comfort her for a while and she will be energetic.”
As expected of you, Goji is first-class.
Lu Bei patted Mu Qing on the shoulder, pointed to the door and asked her to take the first step. He gave Mu Qing a stiff and sad face, and stepped into it step by step with wooden hands and feet.
Lu Bei noticed that the lotus petals in his sleeves were about to leave, and immediately without hesitation, he held Bai Jin’s waist and stepped into the star gate.
Infinite starlight flows, and the light spots in the sky are twisted, pulling a long and narrow channel
In the dark, the phantoms of great gods shook and flashed before Lu Bei’s eyes one by one.
He could not see through the true appearance of the phantoms, but he only knew that they were all men whose cultivation was earth-shattering. The sound of killings was ringing in his ears, and the scene of a battlefield with a dragnet and a long river of blood flowing down the sky appeared.
Behind the bloody sky, a pair of ruthless eyes looked down at the earth.
“Sect Master Lu, wake up quickly!”
The call was weak at first, then strong, and at the end it was comparable to thunder.
/It rains continuously, and the sea thunders.
Lu Bei opened his eyes and found that he was standing on a rock. Surrounded by vast expanse of sea waves, the darkness reached as far as the sky, and the sky was gloomy in all directions.
The spiritual thoughts dispersed, and except for the lotus petals in the sleeves, Bai Jin, Zhu Xiushi and others were no longer around.
“Separated again.”
The last time he entered the secret realm and separated from his teammates was in the Yiliang secret realm. He was in a hurry to save his elder brother Hu San, so he entered the secret realm one after another with She Zhang and Little Snake Sister, so he lost contact.
learn from mistakes.
This time I held Bai Jin in my arms, almost rubbing him into my body, but they still separated.
Lu Bei raised his sleeves and took a look, and said worriedly: “Palace Master, Lu and his accomplices have lost contact. Their methods are average. If they ar