don’t know if there is the Zerg Queen in this Leviathan.

Of course, if it really happened, it would be safer for Wei Xiaobei to pat his ass and leave immediately.
The aura slowly spreading out from Leviathan alone has reached the level of a four-star elite!
At the same time, Wei Xiaobei’s heavenly senses could not sense the situation inside through the Leviathan.
This Leviathan completely blocks any means of detection!
After thinking about it, Wei Xiaobei did not act rashly, but activated an ability!
Move the world slightly!
Spend 1000 evolution points!
As the evolution points were quickly consumed, some strange scenes suddenly appeared in Wei Xiaobei’s mind.
After a long time, Wei Xiaobei slowly opened his eyes and looked at the Leviathan with greed in his eyes.
Well, one thing needs to be explained.
Activating the ability to move the world slightly consumes 1,000 evolution points, which is a great deal for Wei Xiaobei at this time.
This Leviathan is actually ownerless!
Although Wei Xiaobei didn’t quite understand that this Leviathan was ownerless, what Wei Xiaobei saw in his mind after activating the Micro Movement proved this point.
In this case, Wei Xiaobei no longer had the worries he had before.
/The powerful knowledge of knowledge is activated!
Although it was extremely dark here, Wei Xiaobei’s gaze still fell on the Leviathan without any hindrance.
Name: Leviathan (ownerless)
Race: Zerg.
Gender: None.
Age: 103 years old.
Creature level: 4-star elite.
Introduction: Leviathan is the absolute main force of the Zerg. Normally, the Zerg Queen would ride Leviathan across the stars, leading many Zerg brainworms to carry out the most brutal cleanup of hostile biological planets! Any Leviathan has particle cannons, the ability to carry Zerg, and the ability to hatch flying Zerg. The powerful armor gives them relatively strong defense. In front of Leviathan, even human battleships and protoss aircraft carriers have difficulty parrying its multi-directional attacks! At the same time, Leviathan has the ability to fold and jump in space, which allows Leviathan to easily break out of the siege. Because Leviathan is a living creature in its own right, it has the ability to heal its own injuries. This Leviathan fell to reality for some inexplicable reason and hid on its own after losing control of the Zerg Queen.
Attributes: (omitted)
Skills: Flying, Particle Cannon, Carrying Zerg, Hatching.
Special abilities: fleshy armor, space folding and jumping.
Evolution points: X (cannot accumulate evolution points)
Items held: Twenty-four-headed hydralisks.
Well, when Wei Xiaobei checked all the attributes of this Leviathan, his mouth almost drooled.
The strength of Leviathan can be seen from the attribute table.
The particle cannon and space folding and jumping abilities alone are enough to make Wei Xiaobei salivate.
Although Wei Xiaobei had never seen what Leviathan’s particle cannon looked like, just hearing the name gave it a noble aura, and it should look very violent.
In addition, the space fold