to a truly wild and wild disorder.

Disorder means that nothing is right, nothing is wrong, and nothing can clearly separate existence and non-existence.
/Everything is possible, everything is nothing.
That means reality is virtuality, that means existence is nothingness.
However, the existence and non-existence of reality and reality no longer rotate, and there is no longer an endless cycle between reality and reality, but when all phenomena and phenomena are attributed to the state of emptiness and nothingness, the original constant and unchanging The various phases will completely stabilize everything in the state of nothingness in that process of nothingness, never to turn around again.
That will be the end of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, the complete and final ending of all true existences.
In a state of nothingness, from the magnificent dreamy bubble that was born by chance, we embrace the twilight world again.
Perhaps cultivators have never truly understood the nature of such changes, but beings with physical characteristics, especially those who are standing at the level of the divine realm and exploring the path to transcendence, have an instinctive reaction as a true cultivator. Horrified by the strange and evil aura behind it.
And the same.
Perhaps even Taoist Xing himself has never thought that the incense sticks he kneaded from the soil in the ancient world where he fought bloody battles in the past would change in nature as the ancient world changed into a land of nothing. .
Taoist Xing often held it in his hand, and during the final battle in the storm and mud, he even sealed it in his own five-color cauldron.
At this moment, Chu Weiyang, who truly understood the concept of Wu He You, could not help but sigh with emotion, just how profound Taoist Master Xing was because he was awakened by his instinct as a true cultivator in the divine realm. Luck, actually, in such a long process, every breath is passing by not death, but the real nothingness that is far better than death.
If you are not careful, even the entire ancient Dharma practice, including the old life, will follow that incense stick to nothingness, to nothingness, and then completely erase the traces of its existence.
At this moment, Chu Weiyang, who understood this, immediately looked at himself in horror and shock.
He has stood in the land of nothing, and has been observing for such a long time.
Is this strange and strange change also affecting me?
Sure enough, almost as soon as he looked inwards, Chu Weiyang instantly felt the corner of the strands of his body, form, and spirit essence, transforming from order to disorder.
After all, the Taoist just stood at the head of the boat for an instant.
/Furthermore, when Chu Weiyang followed the change itself and went back, he was suddenly shocked to realize that it was the time when he followed the strange sound and words to gain insights and insights into the rhythm of his heart. , the non-existent Taoist rhyme then spreads to the mind, and in the process of observing the map