,400 degrees, pressure of a thousand atmospheres, and shock waves exceeding hurricane speeds is enough to kill a whale even above the sea.

After the blazing fires on the sea gradually extinguished, His Excellency the Commander arranged for the frogmen to go into the sea to salvage the loot.
/Whether it is corpses or the equipment on them, they will be the best research materials!
/But what the Commander never expected was that after the frogmen went down, they all came up not long after.
It wasn’t that they acted quickly and fished out the loot, but that they had turned into corpses.
What came up was a corpse!
What’s going on?
The commander, who was standing on the edge of the ship’s side and originally planned to take a closer look at those guys, was a little dumbfounded. But what was even more terrible was that when the corpse was being salvaged, a man appeared from beside the corpse, and then quickly drew a big bow and pointed at it. Just hit the aircraft carrier with an arrow.
The commander didn’t even have time to react before he heard a swishing sound reaching his ears.
The arrow flew past the commander’s ear in an instant. Finally, after passing through a soldier’s chest, it pierced the steel wall and penetrated more than an inch!
If the adjutant hadn’t hurriedly taken off his uniform to cover up the commander, it would have been difficult to cover up the water stain on the commander’s crotch.
Well, your Excellency the Commander was so frightened that he peed himself. This news is not a good thing.
Of course, what makes the Commander most ashamed and angry is that he almost went on a date with the God of Death.
Even a tough man will not remain calm when facing death.
And after escaping from the death date, the Commander almost became furious!
He vowed to make the other party pay the price!
As a result, the angered Commander had no intention of leaving.
As for when the new ambassador who takes office will be able to leave here, it is unknown.
Depth charges, cannons, helicopters, and fighter jets all fired at the sea, threatening to turn the sea area over.
But having said that, even if the sea surface was exploded with waves, the escaped Bai Mayi never emerged from the sea at all.
A huge aircraft carrier formation was embarrassed by more than a dozen white-horse followers.
After several hours of long journey, the turtle demon king finally approached the aircraft carrier formation.
To be honest, it is impossible for such a big turtle demon king to not be discovered by others.
At this time, the aircraft carrier’s radar had already discovered the approaching giant.
The only problem is that we don’t know how friendly this giant thing is.
But the United States has always been arrogant. When faced with this behemoth, it didn’t even say hello and launched an attack on the Turtle Demon King in horror!
First of all, the cannon muzzles of the three destroyers had been opened, and orange-red fire shot out from the cannon muzzles, shooting towards the Turtle Demon King in the blink of an eye.
The Xu