calators in the lobby and choose the farther sides. fire escape.

Wei Xiaobei leaned against the escalator and looked down through the gap.
For Wei Xiaobei, the distance of several floors would not affect his vision at all.
Due to the narrow gap, the area that Wei Xiaobei could see was very small, only around the escalator.
However, due to the characteristics of the zombie’s body structure, it is much more difficult for them to climb up the escalator than for normal humans.
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei made some calculations in his mind and wanted to go down and take advantage of this opportunity to kill.
But Wei Xiaobei looked at Huang Kun who was guarding in front of the escalator in the distance, and couldn’t help but shook his head. With a fat guy like Huang Kun here, Wei Xiaobei really didn’t dare to stay away.
Wei Xiaobei saw that the zombies were going so fast that they might not be able to climb up within half an hour, so he simply called Huang Kun to his side, and together they used steel hangers to make two simple alarms on the two escalators.
As long as the zombies climb up and touch the steel hanger, if they exert force, the steel hanger will slide down the escalator and hit the next floor, thus making a huge noise to alert the police.
Of course, in reality this was mainly done by Wei Xiaobei, while Huang Kun was just learning from the sidelines.
After doing all this, Wei Xiaobei took Huang Kun and continued climbing.
It would be a problem if there were a few lickers in there.
/vanitation pipe!
As a large department store, its air-conditioning supply comes from central air-conditioning. If the central air-conditioning wants to send air-conditioning to each room on each floor, it needs ventilation ducts to run through all the rooms. This is why in those movies, all spies, agents, etc. This is why when you need to sneak into a certain room, you will most likely have to sneak in through the ventilation duct.
As a former electrician, Wei Xiaobei is no stranger to this.
With a flick of his legs, Wei Xiaobei grabbed the vent exposed on the ceiling. With a slight twist of his hands, the iron bars on the vent were removed. Then Wei Xiaobei gave Huang Kun a few words and took off the backpack. down, and then got into the vent like a monkey.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei discovered that it was not a good thing for him to become taller. When crawling in the ventilation duct, his body could easily get stuck in some turns or narrow places.
It was even more troublesome when he still had a big gun wrapped around his waist and a bone knife in his right hand.
Of course, for Wei Xiaobei, this was not a problem, but as a result, the already dilapidated ventilation ducts became even more dilapidated, with many bulges appearing on them, and even some places were damaged by Wei Xiaobei’s The north was torn apart.
Soon, Wei Xiaobei got into a warehouse. After he jumped from the vent, he saw that most of the warehouse was filled with tightly tied packaging bags.
There seems to be something going on?
Wei Xiaobei