he soon got rid of this emotion.

There were some strange sounds coming from the street outside.
“Karuru Chicken! Karuru Chicken!”
“Squeak, squeak, squeak!”
It was obviously the sound made by some kind of creature.
Wei Xiaobei carried a wooden chair that was almost broken, and walked slowly to the courtyard door. As soon as he put the wooden chair down, he kicked up his legs, then grabbed the upper part of the courtyard wall with both hands, and carefully stuck his head out. .
what is that?
Wei Xiaobei had no idea what he would see when he poked his head out.
A group of ten-year-old children, holding round-headed wooden sticks in their hands, were walking down the street, stopping from time to time to knock on the courtyard door next to them and make the same weird noises from their mouths.
Why are there children here? Could it be that he entered from reality just like himself?
Wei Xiaobei was not careless. The voices of these children were so weird that Wei Xiaobei felt a little weird for no reason.
The child continued to move forward, getting closer and closer. When Wei Xiaobei finally saw the front of those humanoid creatures, he almost screamed in surprise.
There are no ten-year-old children out there, they are just a bunch of monsters.
He has a fish head and a body, his bare feet have grown into the shape of duck webs, his hands are a little thinner than ordinary people, his waist is surrounded by a thick circle of fish scales, and the rest of his body is covered with a thin white film.
Such a look is like a monster in a TV series. At first glance, it is really frightening. Even Wei Xiaobei felt his heart beat a little faster.
“Bang bang! Bang bang!”
A fish-headed man raised a wooden stick and knocked on the door next to him.
This time, there was movement behind the knocked door.
A sleepy and somewhat irritable male voice sounded.
Hearing a sound coming from behind the courtyard gate, the fish-headed men made no sound anymore. They formed a circle around the courtyard gate, clenched the wooden sticks in their hands, and raised them above their heads.
/Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei felt a chill in his heart. There was no doubt that these fish-headed people were not good people. They acted more like hunters hunting, and the owner of the voice behind the courtyard door was their hunting target.
Remind the other party?
/Although the fish-headed men were only about 1.3 meters tall and not very muscular in appearance, Wei Xiaobei seemed to have no problem fighting three of them, but there were a total of twelve of them, and they were all armed with weapons.
If he is exposed, the slightly worn courtyard door may not be able to block the attack of these fish-headed men.
After thinking quickly, Wei Xiaobei carefully got off the chair and picked up a stone. Just as he was about to climb up the wall again, he heard the sound of the courtyard door opening from outside.
In this quiet street, the sound of the door opening was extremely clear.
“What are you doing?”
The man scream