g brush.

Sure enough!
Seeing the small brush appear, Wei Xiaobei confirmed his thoughts.
Thinking about it, the man must have been controlled by Bixian and came here to do something.
But there was an instrument on the checkpoint that could check Bixian, and the man was found out.
When the plainclothes men saw the small brush appearing, their faces became a little nervous, but their eyes also showed a little excitement.
Wei Xiaobei also knew what that small brush was, it was a clone of the Brush Fairy.
Wei Xiaobei once got a Bixian pen after killing Bixian’s clone, which had many magical functions, and finally gave it to Zhu Xinyi.
It should be said that the pen fairy pen has the ability to detect the existence of the pen fairy.
“Boss, should we ask the security company to handle it?”
One of the plainclothes men seemed a little worried about something happening and asked cautiously.
“Stop talking nonsense, this thing is a treasure if you can catch it!”
The man who seemed to be the leader among the plainclothes men couldn’t help but said excitedly.
But at the moment when he was distracted by talking, the small brush in the white light suddenly shot towards the leader man at a very fast speed.
But the leader man is not completely mediocre. In Wei Xiaobei’s eyes, he has about two-star average strength. When he saw the brush coming, he immediately slashed it with the big knife in his hand, sending the brush flying backwards. .
But the problem is that the brush only flew backwards less than two meters before shooting again.
The leader man’s moves were too old at this time, and he couldn’t defend himself with the broadsword he slashed out. He could only watch helplessly as the brush shot towards his eyes rapidly.
In the blink of an eye, this leader man was about to die under this brush!
Just when the leader man was lamenting that he was about to die, suddenly a strong wind blew, and the man felt that a black shadow suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, but the brush that was about to be shot into his eyes was delayed. arrival!
What’s going on?
The leader man who came back to his senses took a closer look, and there was a handsome man standing in front of him. His appearance could be described as majestic.
The most critical issue is that his right hand is holding the brush.
The brush struggled desperately in his right hand, but he couldn’t break free at all.
“Ah, thank you brother, if it weren’t for you”
Although the leader man usually prides himself on being arrogant, at this time, the other party saved him, and he also needs to say a few words to express his gratitude.
Undoubtedly, the person who saved him was Wei Xiaobei.
Now that Wei Xiaobei had seen this, he naturally couldn’t let the Pen Immortal harm his compatriots, so he took down the clone of the Pen Immortal with one quick step.
/After taking down the Bixian clone, Wei Xiaobei looked at it curiously. This Bixian clone was a little different from the Bixian clone he had encountered before.
To be precise, it was much weaker