n a peaceful environment. In other words, this impact is really big.

Not to mention how horrified Toyotomi Koyoshi’s family members would be to identify the body, the Kyoto City Newspaper also publicized this shocking news as the key news in the evening paper.
For the citizens of Kyoto Prefecture, the news in newspapers and periodicals is certainly shocking, but for them, it is just something to talk about at the dinner table and has not entered their lives at all. It is like watching a horror movie, but after watching it , it just passed, nothing to pay attention to.
Indeed, in their opinion, poor Toyotomi Koyoshi probably encountered extremely vicious gangsters, and those gangsters would soon be caught by the police and sent to prison.
Other than that, there’s nothing to worry about.
But the same case happened again soon.
“Uncle, I don’t know how to get to Akishita Town. Can you take me there?”
A cute girl with two high ponytails pouted and asked a drunken white-collar worker with an extremely cute expression.
Suga, I’m talking about it, this is my own dish! A two-dimensional beautiful girl who came to the third dimension?
The drunkard white-collar worker immediately connected the cute girl in front of him with the certain H comic he had just read.
“No, no problem. I’m familiar with this area. I’ll take you there.”
At this time, the sky was already very dark, and except for the street lights on the roadside, all the remaining light of the sun had disappeared.
If this alcoholic white-collar worker hadn’t drank so much and had a slightly clearer mind, he would have been able to see several joints faintly visible behind the girl.
“Brother, I don’t have money to take the car, can you take me there?”
The cute girl was wearing a miniskirt, and those two fair thighs almost made Tengjiro’s eyes pierce through the eyes of the driver.
“No problem, no problem. Helping others is my virtue.”
/Although he didn’t drink because he was driving, the girl’s weird body odor made Tenjiro drunk. He opened the car door in a hurry and didn’t notice the weird friction sound when the girl got in the car, as if it was something hard. The sound of metal rubbing together.
In just one week, twelve cases of headless corpses occurred in three towns under Kyoto Prefecture!
It can be said that the senior police officers of the Kyoto Prefectural Police Department felt extremely headaches at this time.
Cases of serial murders and mutilation of corpses like this suddenly appeared, which immediately attracted media reporters with a keen sense of smell.
A large number of reporters are crowded at the entrance of the police station. Whenever a police officer appears, they will squeeze past and desperately try to put a microphone into the mouth of the police officer to get the shocking news they want to know.
Of course, media reporters are easy to deal with, but the most troublesome thing for the police officers is that these cases of headless corpses are extremely difficult!
The faces of the perpetrators were described one by one thr