error wanted to break through to four-star disaster, this magical power might be the dividing line!

“Don’t be busy. Let’s calm this thing down first.”
That divinity seemed a bit difficult to deal with. Even if Qingniu caught it, he couldn’t make it completely submit.
But a green bull is still a green bull. After a slight drink, the green energy emanating from the whole body immediately gathered towards the palm of his right hand. After a few breaths, the green energy dissipated and the golden light became much dimmer.
/Qing Niu opened his palm, and a crystal clear golden crystal appeared on his palm!
What’s this?
Wei Xiaobei looked at this golden crystal and couldn’t help but be a little stunned. Although it exuded several breaths of his own divine aura, Wei Xiaobei did not think that it was divine.
This crystal slowly emits blazing sunlight, completely like a miniature version of the sun!
Wei Xiaobei could even feel the incomparable power contained in this crystal!
The entire crystal looked extremely perfect, with the only flaw just on the top, a little bit of damage the size of a grain of rice.
Know all things!
Wei Xiaobei focused his eyes on the golden crystal and activated the omniscience!
In an instant, the attribute table of the golden crystal appeared in front of Wei Xiaobei’s eyes.
Name: Damaged Sunshine Godhead (Superior Spiritual Treasure)
Introduction: This object is the godhead of Gulinbursti. Since Gulinbursti is the pet of Frey, the god of abundance, Frey, the god of abundance, specially bestowed this godhead on Gulinbursti, making it a summer treasure. God of sunlight. At Ragnarok, Gulimbursti was killed by a giant, and his godhead was damaged. A trace of Gulimbursti’s soul was hidden in his godhead.
Effect 1: After swallowing this godhead, there is a certain chance of becoming the God of Summer Sunshine.
/Effect 2: Since the godhead contains a trace of Gulimbursti’s residual soul, by swallowing the godhead, Gulimbursti has a certain chance of being reborn.
Effect 3: Material, this godhead can be made into an artifact.
When Wei Xiaobei read the attribute table of this thing, he couldn’t help but take a breath of air.
This is what Wei Xiaobei did not expect. This is actually the godhead of Gulinbursti!
For a moment, Wei Xiaobei didn’t know what to do with this treasure.
According to its three built-in effects, it can be used for three purposes.
One is to swallow the godhead and use it to become a god and become the god of summer sunshine.
Of course, this choice was immediately abandoned by Wei Xiaobei.
What a joke, not to mention that Wei Xiaobei had no intention of following the Shinto way at all. Just saying that the second effect made Wei Xiaobei have to retreat.
Since this godhead contains the remaining soul of Gulimbursti, after swallowing this godhead, the golden wild boar may be reborn.
In other words, whoever swallows this thing may be snatched away by a golden wild boar!
Of course, Wei Xiaobei can also throw this godhead to other creatures to swallow it, so that the gol